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Publisher: 2D Boy    Genre: Puzzle & Trivia
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: G4

World of Goo
November 19, 2008 | Franklin Pride

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Tower Height
The graphics of World of Goo are very stylized. Everything has a cartoony and simple look that appears to be in full 3D, despite the 2D nature of the puzzles. The style matches the gameplay perfectly, and adds a large amount of character to what are, essentially, inanimate objects. For instance, each goo ball has a face that has an expression based on what's currently going on. They also stretch or bend based on their speed and impact with the solid areas of the game world.

The graphics don't stop with the balls, though. There appears to be a functioning fluid dynamics engine for all the liquids of the world. They flow, swish based on current, splash when entered by objects, and just act like they should if they were real. This becomes quite obvious when a goo tower enters a moving liquid, as the tower becomes caught up by the current and can get dragged underwater if the undertow is too large. It's very impressive and adds a lot to the immersiveness of the environment.

World of Goo's music is also highly immersive. There aren't that many tracks, but each and every one matches the mood of the level it plays for. They are all quite atmospheric and do not disrupt the gameplay in any way. The volume can be adjusted to personal preference, though, so there's no need to listen to it if you don't want to.

The sound effects are equally impressive. If you expect an action to make a sound, there will be one and it will be excellent. For instance, when your tower falls onto one of the many spikes in the world, the destroyed goo balls give a death croak. Even when you hear dozens of these at once, it isn't annoying in any way. (Aside from the annoyance at losing dozens of goo balls, anyway)

With all of that, is there any doubt that World of Goo is a must-purchase? Definitely not! WoG is the best game you'll play all year, and is a bargain at the price of $20. It takes a simple premise and expands it until it is entertaining, addictive, and extremely enjoyable. When compared to other Macintosh games released this year, World of Goo is easily one of the best.

• Easy to learn
• Highly entertaining
• World leaderboard
• Excellent sound and graphics

• Occasionally hard to select target

World of Goo
Publisher: 2D Boy
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