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Publisher: Oberon Media    Genre: Puzzle & Trivia
Min OS X: 10.4

Agatha Christie: Peril at End House
November 12, 2008 | Ted Bade

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Peril at End House is a game similar in nature to the Travelogue 360 series of games (see my previous reviews), in which you are presented with an image and must find a list of items in it. The game is tied to the Agatha Christie universe of Hercule Poirot, by weaving a mystery story-line into the actions and images of the game. Its a pretty good game and the story is a lot of fun.

The game presents the story aspect of the game in a comic book like fashion. At the start, you read through comic cells and the story is introduced. Later, as you progress through the game, other comic book-like pages are presented, giving more of the story, until the mystery is solved.

In the game’s main puzzle you must locate various objects in an image of a room. The room that you are shown is related to the story line of the mystery. The rooms contain all types of items. As you find the items, they are scratched from the list, until the list is complete. Once the room is complete, you acquire some information about one of the characters in the story. You may also search for an item specific to the story line as you search the room. The room (or area) image is cluttered with a variety of objects, some related to the space and some just random objects. Since the areas are used more then once, pay attention to what you see, it might save you time in a later search.

The search is timed and you are given only so much time to search a group of rooms. You can pause the game to look at clue information or access the game menu. This stops the clock, but also blocks the image, so you can’t pause and search. (But that would be cheating, no?) You get five hints for each group of rooms, which will point out an object you are just not able to discover yourself.

After you complete a group of room searches, you move on to a different type of puzzle that provides another clue. Often the puzzle is related to an item you found searching the rooms. For instance a puzzle where you put together the pieces of a torn up newspaper article, which can be read for clues to the story. Other puzzles include a “concentration” like game, relating information about various characters to their images and putting together an object such as a radio. You continue like this, searching images, solving puzzles, and reading through the various cartoon panels, until you reach the end of the game.

The images you search through are related to the story line. They are photos of rooms or areas with lots and lots of objects super imposed onto them. The list of items you need to locate consists of ten or more objects. Many objects are easy to find, but some of them have been placed so that they blend in very well. There are also occasions when you need to find a group of items and arrange them somewhere on the image, like finding five room keys and placing them in the appropriately colored key slots.


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