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Manufacturer: Cyber Snipa
Min OS X: Any Version

Cyber Snipa Micro-Fibre Mouse Matt
April 8, 2009 | Bryan Clodfelter

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The Cyber Snipa Micro-Fibre Mouse Matt, a mid-sized cloth mouse pad, is another product in a long line of value-oriented gaming peripherals and accessories from Australia-based Cyber Sport. Billed as the "latest in micro-fibre technology," this pad promises to deliver reduced surface resistance and increased tracking performance. In reality, however, you're probably better off sticking to your desk.

"Insert Generic Title Here"
When you really boil it down, the Micro-Fibre Mouse Matt is simply a cloth pad from the mid-90's, enlarged and marketed for today's audience. From the blurry, generic space marine printed on the cloth upper (which is already starting to peel) to the surface's troubling tendency to dampen mouse movement, nothing about this product justifies the marketing techno-babble or the $30 cost.

As we've discussed in other, similar reviews, plain-vanilla cloth can be a pretty bad mousing medium when handled improperly. With the right combination of material selection and weave, however, careful design and precise manufacturing procedures can turn out a cloth pad that defies those negative tendencies. Unfortunately, no such care went into the construction of the Mouse Matt.

Shovelware At Its Best
The truth is, after watching a half-dozen of the best mice on the market perform on the Micro-Fibre Mouse Matt like decade-old Apple ADB mice, I find further discussion of the pad superfluous. Clearly, Cyber Sport didn't lose any sleep on this product, and therefore, I'm not going to lose any sleep on its review. If you're looking for a quality, high-performance mouse pad for your system, back up to the IMG Hardware reviews page and check out different article. We're done here.

• Excellent stain resistance

• Excruciatingly slow
• Below-average durability

Cyber Snipa Micro-Fibre Mouse Matt
Manufacturer: Cyber Snipa
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