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Publisher: Electronic Arts    Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: Intel @ 1830 MHz    RAM: 999 MB    Hard Disk: 6000 MB    DVD-ROM

Battlefield 2142
October 26, 2007 | Alex McLarty

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Game Modes
There are two game modes in BF2142, Conquest and Titan.

When playing Conquest itís all about capturing flags and killing the enemy. Killing your enemy reduces your oppositionís Ďticket countí by one. By reducing the enemyís tickets to zero, you win. Holding the majority of flags on a map decreases the tickets steadily, holding all the flags on the map can prevent your enemy spawning entirely, resulting in victory. All maps in BF2142 can be played in Conquest mode.

In Titan mode, the objective is to destroy the enemy Titan, essentially a huge floating fortress equipped with powerful guns and aircraft. To destroy the enemy Titan you must first disable the protective shield around it. Capturing silos and keeping them under your command for two minutes sends an anti-titan missile that targets the enemy Titan. Once the enemy shield is down you can either keep control of the silos to destroy the hull of the Titan, or if you fancy some indoor carnage, get onboard the enemy Titan, destroy four control panels and finally destroy their reactor core. Sounds easy doesnít it?

Titan mode is a great addition to multiplayer that sets it aside from other war based multiplayers. If you have a decent squad that doesnít go AWOL at the first sign of trouble, you can take an APC or a airborne transport and pod onto the enemy Titan. You can either gain access to the interior via air ducts on the top of the Titan or land at the rear, near the cargo bay. Once inside your objective is to destroy four control panels, each at the end of a long corridor, usually mined by the enemy, with a few automated gun turrets thrown in for fun. If youíre lucky enough youíll find the corridor unmanned and blow up the control panel. If youíre unlucky youíve got to somehow traverse a corridor with six or more enemy soldiers, slightly unhappy youíre onboard to blow them out of the sky.

Titan mode can be a little laggy when there are a great number of players onboard, but with the last few patches this has reduced significantly. A selection of maps in BF2142 can be played in Titan mode; Suez Canal, Minsk, Sidi Power Plant and Verdun.

In BF2142 you arenít just running around looking for enemies to kill, youíre piloting hover tanks or huge mechanized Walkers with twin machine guns and heat seeking EMPís. In the air youíre transporting teammates to much needed locations, avoiding the airborne Fast Attack Vehicle.

Mastering the maneuverability of vehicles in game takes time and can be a lot of fun. As well as learning how to take out other vehicles and use the various abilities of your chosen transport, you can take time to get vehicle related awards, like Roadkill!

In game advertising
Before BF2142 was released it was announced that it would contain in game advertising that was tailored to the IP address of the player. Some users labeled the software 'spyware' as they claimed it sent personal information to advertisers. Apparently this is not the case, IP addresses are merely checked so the right adverts go the right local, US ads to US users, UK ads to UK users, and so on.

The advertising does not ruin the atmosphere of the game, after all, itís multiplayer deathmatch, not Myst, but it does have a negative effect. It was claimed that advertising would be tailored to fit the futuristic feel of BF2142 and while some advertisers have embraced it, others have not. Youíll see what I mean when youíre scouring the almost-apocalyptic landscape and suddenly thereís an advert for Intel or bank accounts.

I have spent many an evening playing 'just one more round'. Because BF2142 has two different game modes and a range of different maps, there is always a map and a mode to play in your free time. Conquest is usually quick, while Titan can last for up to an hour in a cat and mouse game of defense and offense.

The range of classes and equipment combinations allow players to seek experience just like a dedicated World of Warcraft player, but ultimately have a greater time finding the strengths and weaknesses of their character. Simply changing an equipped item from a Medical hub to a Shotgun introduces a new style of corridor hunting fun.

Graphics looks great when cranked up and gameplay is well balanced with some innovative touches to certain classes that make it a game to remember and one to come back to.


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