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Publisher: Electronic Arts    Genre: Action
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Battlefield 2142
October 26, 2007 | Alex McLarty

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To advance the ranks and get the most out of the game, players should join Squads. Squads allow the combined force and skills of your individual teammates to be used for the good of the squad and your team. Playing in a Squad allows the Commander to issue your Squad Leader with orders (which he can accept or deny) which then allow attacks to be coordinated for maximum effectiveness. Once an order is placed, players get an extra point for completing objectives (like capturing a flag or silo), killing the enemy, or healing, reviving and resupplying the team inside the order radius.

Playing as a Squad also lets you use voice chat to speak to your teammates, allowing a much more communicative and enjoyable game. It’s much easier to yell: “Sniper on the roof!” than mashing “snips on roof!!!” on your keyboard! Your Squad Leader (depending on the size of the squad) can also enable gadgets like the Squad Beacon to allow spawning wherever your Squad Leader is located.

Playing in a squad and following orders contributes to your Squad score which can lead to your Squad receiving a Field Upgrade. If you haven’t unlocked everything in your class, or would like to try out another class with anything other than the basic kit, you can unlock part of the kit for the duration you play on that server.

Perhaps the most daunting role is that of Commander. The main role of the Commander is to direct his team to victory. By using an aerial view of the map the Commander can spot enemy infantry and vehicles, notifying his team of enemy movements and placing strategic orders. Orbital Strikes, EMP, Supply Drops, Sat Track and UAV’s can all be used to give your team the advantage where it is needed.

The difficulty in being Commander is actually getting your team to follow your orders! I’ve played some rounds where Commanders are replaced as frequently as you reload, so pay attention and try and think about your orders. Playing as Commander means that your score is totally dependent on your team. It’s in your interest to lead them to victory. The Commander is quite a difficult role to master, so try on smaller servers before you lead up to 32 players to victory!

Split between Europe and Africa, players find themselves storming the cold, bleak streets of long abandoned Berlin, flying through the desert expanse of the Sidi Power Station in Africa, or settling down for some long range sniping at Camp Gibraltar. The range of maps to play on is really what makes BF2142 shine. There is a map for every kind of player, and within those maps there are always locations and crunch points where combat requires the skills of a variety of classes. In Gibraltar it’s always the PAC base and the EU front line where the action is intense. The PAC try and break through, the EU try to repel them. If you have a good team as PAC, you’ll push the EU all the way back to their base and capture all the flags. If you’re against a good EU team, they’ll keep you pinned down with rockets, grenades and snipers.

Your scores, successes and failures are trackable online, via the Battlefield website. It is easy to see your kill death ratio, favorite map, accuracy, and more. Awards like badges, medals, pins and ribbons can be gained if you meet certain criteria in a round or globally. For instance, 10 kills in a round, no team kills, damage or vehicle damage and 50 hours total time played will get you a Good Conduct Ribbon and 500 points closer to advancing to the next rank. There are a whole range of awards, some easy, some time consuming, to achieve and show off to your friends.


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