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Publisher: Electronic Arts    Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: Intel @ 1830 MHz    RAM: 999 MB    Hard Disk: 6000 MB    DVD-ROM

Battlefield 2142
October 26, 2007 | Alex McLarty

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The Present

Battlefield 2142
The first wave of EA games to come to the Mac include the wildly popular Battlefield 2142. Finally, fans of the series that left the Mac platform in 1942 can enjoy the future, 200 years on...

Set in the near future, the world is a giant freezer courtesy of the next Ice Age. Two factions, the Pan Asian Coalition (PAC) and the European Union (EU), are battling it out to seize control of the remaining land that is needed to feed the starving masses.

As you can imagine, a simple land sharing agreement isnít on the table. Itís death, not food, thatíll you be dishing out in this game. Whether or not youíd like to take a front seat in this is totally up to you...

Classes, Maps and Scoring
Players can choose from a range of classes or jump in at the deep end with the role of Commander in each battle.

If you choose a soldier, you have the option of Recon, Assault, Engineer or Support. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses, weapons and abilities, to be used in certain situations on the battlefield.

Recon is a combination of Sniper and Special Operations with access to explosives, near invisible camouflage and sniper rifles. Assault is a cross between an infantry soldier and a medic with access to an arsenal of short and medium range weapons, a medical hub and a portable defibrillator to revive fallen teammates.

The Engineer has a range of anti-vehicle weapons, motion mines and an SMG. Support can play with heavy machine guns, an automated sentry unit and has the ability to resupply his team mates with ammunition. The strength of one class always fills the weakness of another, the emphasis is on squad play.

When players start out youíll have the basic kit for each class. For example, as Assault youíll have the SCAR or Krylov assault rifle, depending on your faction. Youíll also be equipped with a Medical Hub to heal yourself and your teammates. To gain access to new weapons and equipment, players must score points in the game which contribute to the advancement of their rank. Once a player reaches a higher rank they get the option of one unlock in any class. If youíre just starting out, donít forget that you can pick up your fallen teammateís kit either to revive him if he is the Assault class with a defibrillator or simply to use his kit for the duration of the round, or your life!

Each class has two separate upgrade paths that lead to a different weapon. For example, as Support you can choose from two paths:

The first lets you unlock the IPS Shield, used to deflect light enemy fire, then the Advanced Ammo Hub which allows you to drop the hub to resupply team mates, and finally the DysTek Pulse Meter, used to detect the enemy in a short range. Once all of these have been unlocked you can then unlock the Clark 15B Shotgun, a rather powerful gun at close range.

The second path starts with the V5 EMP Grenade which is used to temporarily disrupt electrical devices and vehicles, continues with the NetBat Active Camo ID which can detect Recon players using light bending camouflage, and ends with the A12 Sentry Enforcer Gun, an automated gun turret that fires upon the enemy. Once these have been unlocked you can unlock the Ganz HMG, probably one of the most irritatingly powerful guns in the game.

Of course you can decide to unlock all the items before the guns, it just means you wonít have access to new weaponry.


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