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Publisher: Running With Scissors    Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.2.8

August 14, 2007 | Samuel Slesinger

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Screamo is appropriate
By far Postal’s most impressive feature, the sound design is truly horrific. From the opening heavy-metal-nails-on-chalkboard-grunge to the exasperated screams of your bullet-riddled victims, the aura of bereavement abounds. Although it’s strange to applaud a title for creating an atmosphere of repugnant despair, the glove fits. And it’s a bloody one at that.

My only quibble with the audio in Postal is the looping of environmental sounds in each level. Blaring sirens, noisy birds, and grumbling car engine loops become old very fast. Also, the dying exclamations of wounded townsfolk were borderline unbearable. After hearing phrases like “please kill me!”, “Has anyone seen my ear?” and “I can’t breathe!” several times over, they lose their novelty and disturbingly, their desperation. Postal Dude’s exclamations on the other hand, are infrequent enough to retain their sadistic sparkle. After torching a policeman with a flamethrower and watching him scamper around in agony Postal Dude lovingly exclaimed “Ah…did that hurt?”

Sadly, the sound design in Postal actually outshines most of the other aspects of the game. It’s just too darn good for its own…good.

The final bloody straw
Okay, here is the part where I neglect my plentiful criticisms and confound my audience. Postal is fun. Yep. I don’t know whether it reflects poorly on me, or if human nature can serve as the scapegoat, but there is something indescribably gratifying about senseless violence. In spite of the clumsy control scheme, the obstructing camera perspective, and the general sickening nature of the game, it is still fun to play, and fulfilling to complete—especially on the harder difficulty levels.

That said, Postal is short. And I really mean it. Even at the hardest difficulty level, a seasoned gamer can beat the game in a matter of hours. Coupled with the fact that the challenge maps and multiplayer were not functional, Postal offers no incentive for replay.

Feel free to make your own conclusions from my muddled ramblings, but ultimately, for $10.00, this game really isn’t going to bankrupt you. Just think of it as shareware. It’s certainly on par with some of those today.

• Oddly amusing
• Impressive sound environment

• No replay value
• Awkward controls
• Graphical issues

Publisher: Running With Scissors
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