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Genre: Puzzle & Trivia
Min OS X: 10.4

July 29, 2007 | Franklin Pride

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Jump that fence, Sheeplings!
There have been numerous video games released recently with the same "level" system that Sheeplings uses. They all have a special variety of gameplay the others don't. FizzBall used an entertaining Breakout modification, for example. However, they all managed to last significantly longer than Sheeplings and were much less repetitive.

The mark of a good game is that it somehow manages to keep you coming back for more. Sheeplings fails that test. It is over in only a few hours and has no replayability. The reasons for this lie in Sheepling's gameplay.

Gameplay: Run, bark, save sheep.
In Sheeplings you only have three tasks: Keep the sheep safe, keep the sheep in their enclosures, and scare the sheep into their enclosures. There are a few attempts to make it more interesting, but it all comes down to you running near the sheep and barking over and over again. There may be different reasons to bark near them, like saving them from a hawk, but in the end you're always doing the same thing.

As you go from level to level, you can use the tokens you earn from beating the levels to upgrade your dog's speed, to upgrade your dog's bark range, and to buy tame sheep that take the place of the wild ones in future levels. You'll be maxed out in upgrades in no time, however, and can easily have hundreds of tokens in surplus by the end of the second world.

Graphics: Simple? Maybe too simple.
There isn't much to say about Sheepling's graphics. It's very basic. The sheep are animated, the dog is animated, the hazards are animated, and the environment is extremely boring. In FizzBall you had butterflies flying around, you had shards flying everywhere, and everything looked lively and scenic. In Sheeplings, the background is completely static. There isn't any glitz whatsoever and it just looks boring.

Sound: Woof, woof, baah, baah...
The sound is equally spartan. There are sounds for the moving objects, but the environment is completely silent. The dog will bark, the sheep will baah, and the wolf will growl, but the thieves, trees, and world are silent. The only good reason for the sound even being semi-high rated is because none of the sounds grate and they all can be turned off. There are a couple music scores, but I turned them off when they became repetitive.

Value: Are three hours worth the price tag?
Sheeplings is extremely low value. Even with its low price tag, it simply doesn't last long enough to be worth the money. If you have a choice between this game and any other, you should probably go with the other. It is repetitive, boring, and extremely low quality when compared with other recent titles like Chocolatier or even Tradewinds Legends.

• Child friendly

• Boring and repetitive
• Poor graphics
• No replayability
• Extremely short

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