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Genre: Arcade
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 500 MHz    RAM: 64 MB    Hard Disk: 20 MB    Graphics: 8 MB VRAM

Dodge That Anvil
August 6, 2007 | Franklin Pride

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Dodge That Anvil is a 3D platform game that involves dodging anvils (and other things) that fall from the sky at regular intervals while picking the amount of carrots needed to pass the level. Its simple gameplay can be entertaining at times, but it has a few problems.

Gameplay: Run, grab carrots, run again
In Dodge That Anvil, you have a very simple task that gets harder from level to level. You have to dodge anvils. If they hit you, you lose one of your few lives for the level. Generally, this is quite easy and all you need to worry about is fulfilling a few tasks and gathering the total amount of carrots required for the level's finish. However, the game doesn't always recognize you're on the fields, and you can end up having to restart a level because the carrots never pop up for harvest. This is extremely annoying, as it happened about 50% of the time on my computer.

Thankfully, the control scheme is quite easy to handle and you can assign the controls to any keys of your choosing. You can also save and load the game quite easily, and restarting a level takes only a few seconds. If it wasn't for that, the game would be intolerable.

Dodge That Anvil has no replayability and the levels tend to be monotonous. After you master dodging the anvils, the game loses all its challenge. You fulfill the level's requirements, grab some carrots, and continue on. There are way too few extras to keep the game interesting.

Graphics: Simple, yet slow?
The graphics of Dodge That Anvil are disappointing. Despite the simplistic 3D and low particle effects, the game lagged on my G4 at low graphics quality. This may have been because the computer wasn't an Intel Mac, but it still isn't acceptable. Lag isn't that annoying when the graphics are incredible, but it is when the graphics are slightly substandard.

Dodge That Anvil has pretty typical sound. Nothing jumps out as annoying and all the actions you'd expect to have sound have it. There's nothing to complain about in this game's sound, but nothing stands out as exceptional either.

If you enjoy the game, the $19.99 price tag will hardly deter you. It can be quite enjoyable if you can ignore the boring gameplay, lagging graphics, and restarts due to game bugs. However, that isn't too likely. You could probably have a better time over the weekend by spending the $20 on a few subs or a pizza for a gaming night. If you have an alternative, Dodge That Anvil should be avoided at all costs.

• Kid friendly
• Low price tag

• Laggy gameplay
• Common bugs
• Repetitive levels

Dodge That Anvil
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