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Manufacturer: Microsoft
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: USB Port

Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse
January 15, 2007 | Bryan Clodfelter

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All in all, Microsoft seems to have, at least temporarily, risen to the top of the industry with a truly spectacular first-generation offering. Combining great features, superior ergonomic design, and the best tracking engine in the industry, the Habu is arguably the best mouse on the market today. It isn’t perfect, however-that problem with the fussy side panel will probably not be addressed until the Habu's next hardware revision, and while incredibly functional, the Habu looks a bit bland compared to the competition. As for Microsoft’s OS X driver support (or lack thereof), Mac users may have to deal with the hassle of installing third-party software in order to get the mouse working correctly. While that is truly unfortunate, it should be nothing new for Mac gamers—getting the short end of the stick is too often what happens when your market share is remains in the single digits. More to the point, for the foreseeable future, Mac users on the bleeding edge of technology will be gaming in the greener pastures of Windows Vista, where such driver support support woes are but a faint memory.

• Outstanding ergonomics
• Lightning-fast response time and flawless tracking
• Swappable thumb-button side panel
• On-the-fly sensitivity control
• Non-slip matte surface
• Lighted side rails

• No native Mac OS X drivers
• Side panel may need a while to get fully seated

What we’d like to see next time:
• A marginally wider scroll wheel with the dual spin feature found on the Logitech MX Revolution.
• Mac OS X drivers.
• Sensitivity buttons that adjust the sensitivity in 200 DPI (currently 400 DPI) increments.
• A hardware-based toggle for the internal lighting

Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer: Microsoft


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