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Manufacturer: Logitech
Min OS X: Any Version

V270 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse
June 22, 2006 | Blake Buck

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Also available in silver.
I've been a very staunch Powerbook user for over two years now. While many new laptop switchers immediately spring for an accompanying mouse, I heavily resisted. "Bah! I'm just as good at games with a trackpad as I am with a mouse. Mice are for the weak!" While I still stand by that statement today, there are several games where a trackpad just won't cut it. Games like Homeworld 2 that require large and frequent movement of the cursor to different sides of the screen will wear your finger out fast.

But which mouse do I get? Laser mice sure sound nice, but are much larger and usually require a cord. Cordless mice sound good in theory, but most have bulky wired base stations. There are a few bluetooth mice, but most are larger and designed for a desktop. So along comes the Logitech V270 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse - a mouse targeted specifically at bluetooth-enabled laptop users. But does it do the job well?

The Logitech V270 is a midrange mouse designed for the business traveler. It features a 1000-dpi optical sensor, two buttons, and a click wheel. It runs on two (included!) AA batteries, features an On/Off switch, and Reset button. Most importantly, it sports a smaller notebook size and integrated bluetooth support.

The mouse comes in one of those AWFUL security seal packages. You know, the ones you have to cut all the way around the edge, only to try and open it and it's still stuck? Then you get frustrated, try and rip it open, and end up cutting your hand on jagged plastic. Once you've gotten back from applying your band-aid, the package contains the mouse, an install disk (windows only), documentation, and a very slick carrying pouch. The pouch is made of black polyester and closes via a zipper, which even has a little Logitech logo - very attractive.

Setting up the mouse on your Mac is ridiculously simple. As usual, my first step is to immediately throw away the instructions. Next, turn on the mouse via the switch on the bottom, launch the bluetooth setup utility, click next a few times, and your mouse is ready to use. It takes literally less than 60 seconds.

The mouse itself is quite small. While I wasn't able to do a side by side comparison, it seems slightly narrower than an Apple Mouse, but a little taller at the base. It should be noted that the mouse is noticeably smaller than the palm of my hand. Unlike desktop mice that conform to your entire hand, the V270 fits perfectly beneath your two clicking fingers, with your ring and pinky fingers pressed against the right side of the mouse.

If you're used to bigger mice, the V270 might feel a little strange the first few times you use it. But for a notebook mouse, it's sized just right - compact enough to fit in your bag, yet large enough that it's not awkward to use.

But what about the precision and bluetooth connection?


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