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Publisher: Virtual Programming    Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: 10.2    CPU: G3 @ 800 MHz    RAM: 64 MB    Graphics: 16 MB VRAM

Celtic Kings: Rage of War
April 7, 2005 | Jonathan Lowrie

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Celtic Kings: Rage of War bills itself as an RTS (Real Time Strategy) title with twists. For those who are thinking this will be a WarCraft or StarCraft with druids and warriors, you would be mistaken. Celtic Kings takes the RTS genre in a very different direction. Celtic Kings blends aspects of RTS, RPG (role-playing game), and old-fashioned adventure gaming. These modes of play compliment one another as you play through the scenarios. The good folks at Virtual Programming bring Celtic Kings to the Macintosh platform. It was developed by Haemimont Games.

Celtic Kings has two modes of play. The first is called Strategic mode. In this mode, you play against computer opponents or other players via the Internet. You must train and manage your heroes and armies, acquire powerful artifacts, and conquer strongholds and villages. The gameplay in Strategic mode is similar to typical RTS titles, with a few notable exceptions. Celtic Kings is no resource gathering type of game. There is no wood to be harvested, no gold to be mined, and no crystals to collect. More on this later. The second mode is called Adventure mode. This mode is more of a role-playing adventure, where you take and develop your heroes and armies. There are a series of large maps, each with multiple quests you complete as you work your way to victory.

The Setting
Celtic Kings takes place in the Gaul lands during Caesar's conquest of Gaul. For those who paid little heed to European history, Gaul is an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy, France, Belgium, and part of Germany and the Netherlands. First, there are the Gauls. They are quarrelsome separated tribes. They fight in their own lands, often among themselves. Their pride and religion often gets in the way of victory or unity. Rome is a mighty state with progressive social order and advanced military knowledge. Rome's social structure requires constant expansion wars. Caesar's brilliant leadership, however, makes Rome a deadly enemy. Caesar seeks to conquer Gaul for glory and fortune in his quest to become the sole leader of Rome.

The Teutons represent the united German tribes. They cross the river Rhein every year, seeking to expand their influence or simply to plunder. They are a fearsome and numerous force, but they do not have long-term plans for conquest and expansion. They seek fortune and glory through victory and self-gratification. The mysterious Druids wield horrifying and ancient powers.

This is the universe of Celtic Kings, an intentionally historically inaccurate game that thrusts players headlong into the conflict between the Romans and Gauls: you can play as a member of the Legions of Rome, or as a Gaul chieftain warrior. Each side has its own warrior types, upgrades, heroes, and structures. One aspect to point out is that in Celtic Kings you never build any structures. You start with the basics and you must capture towns and forts to gain anything else you may need.


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