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Publisher: THQ    Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.2.6    CPU: G4 @ 800 MHz    RAM: 384 MB    Hard Disk: 670 MB    8x CD-ROM    Graphics: 32 MB VRAM

The Incredibles
January 27, 2005 | Ted Bade

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The Incredibles is an action game based on the Pixar/Disney animated movie of the same name. If you enjoyed the movie and want to experience the incredible powers of the movie’s characters, you might want to check it out. Just don’t expect a top notch video game.

This game was obviously developed to ride the wave of excitement created by the release of the animated movie. It has a rushed out the door feeling, like it wasn’t completely tested or debugged. This doesn't mean the game isn’t fun or the graphics aren’t nice, only that the game doesn’t feel finished.

In this game you play the part of one of several Incredible characters (Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, or Dash.). The level (or what I would call module or map) played determines the Incredible character you take the part of. There are 18 levels included in the game. The maps are typical action maps, requiring the player to learn how to run, jump, and climb his or her way around, most of the time fighting a variety of “bad guys”.

Each Incredible character has some “incredible” super power which can be used in addition to regular attacks. The earlier levels of the game guide the player by explaining what keys should be used to accomplish the action needed at a particular time.

Game movement was choppy, rather then smooth 160 degrees of motion, the character moves to one of four cardinal points. Rather then use the mouse to direct the character and the keys to move it, mouse movement only controls the point of view. I found this disconcerting during fight sequences. I would change the point of view to face the bad guys, but Mr. Incredible would be facing the wrong direction (and would throw his punches the wrong direction, until I turned him around). Also, although the normal punch attack was attached to the left mouse button, I couldn’t get the right mouse button to be the “incredible” attack even though I selected this several times in the control set up section of the game.

Another major hit, is the fact that the MacOS X mouse cursor freezes in one position and remains visible throughout the game. While this is a minor annoyance, it is just an example of rushing the product out the door. Even with all this, game play was fun. Each character has their own weaknesses and skills. Learn to use them effectively and the game moves quickly.


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