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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Sports
Min OS X: 10.2.8    CPU: G4 @ 1000 MHz    RAM: 256 MB    Hard Disk: 1400 MB    8x CD-ROM    Graphics: 32 MB VRAM

MTX: Mototrax
November 30, 2004 | Marcus Albers

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Let's face it, I am no Tony Hawk or Travis Pastrana. My idea of participating in an "extreme sport" is the miniature golf course in Galena, IL, with the river of real water careening through the center, taunting my poor golf-ball to take a ride down its raging rapids. If you don't hit that bump on the 12th hole just right, forget it. Its kerplop city for you, and a trip down to the lake to fish your ball out.

I may not be the king of extreme sports in reality, but I love to play them virtually. I've been a big fan of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ever since the first game graced the original Playstation five years ago. Thankfully, the folks at Activision didn't let us Macintosh grinders down, releasing the last three sequels on our gaming platform of choice.

Now, with the help of Aspyr Media, we get to add another title to the growing library of extreme sports games on the Macintosh. MTX: Mototrax takes you into the world of extreme motocross. All of the super-high jumps. All of the majorly big air. All of the death-defying tricks. All of the crushing wipeouts (Ace bandages not included).

I Could'a Been A Contender...
MTX allows you to either choose a rider from a bank of real professional riders like Travis Pastrana, Tommy Clowers, and Ezra Kusk, or create your own custom rider. The number of options, from face to hair to clothing to accessories is astounding. And with tons of real, licensed gear to unlock in the game, you'll feel just like you favorite sponsored riders.

The Career mode takes place in the "real" world of extreme motocross. You start off with a manager who will get you put into different events throughout the country, based on how well you do in previous events. Sponsors will eventually sign on, and that's where you will start to make the real money for winning. You will make alliances with other racing teams, and as you win more races, you will eventually be able to upgrade your bike to more powerful models.

Gentlemen, start your engines!
Whether exhibition or career, your racing takes place in one of four different types of events.

Supercross consists of tight indoor arenas, where the challenge is making sharp turns and getting enough speed in a short amount of time to catch air on the jumps.

Motocross takes place outdoors. The courses are long and wind their way through the country side, up and down hills, through trees, and around huge rocks. The name of the game here is endurance. Don't wipe out on the jumps or turns, otherwise you'll have some catching up to do as the rest of the pack passes you by.

Freestyle events are sort of like half-pipe or course events in skating. You are presented with a course that looks a lot like a supercross track, and it is up to you to make the most of it. The idea here is to complete the series of goals in the time allotted, whether it is catching the most airtime, or pulling off a series of tricks. Its all about the order in which you do things.

The off-road challenges are probably the most fun of all of them. These four environments in the game are absolutely huge, free-roaming areas. Within the areas are a series of challenges that you must complete to earn points and learn skills. These are also the places you will go if you just want to practice your newly acquired skills.

Also included is the Dirt Wurx track builder. This option allows you to build your own supercross course from scratch. Design your own layout, then add your own jumps and bumps. The courses can be saved and shared between users.


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