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Publisher: MacPlay    Genre: Arcade
Min OS X: 10.1    CPU: Any CPU    RAM: 32 MB

Super Collapse! II
July 21, 2004 | Sean Daly

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Super Collapse! II is a highly addictive game of fast thinking and faster clicking. Your objective is to click three or more color matching connected cubes to explode them thus creating a cascading collapsing cornucopia of color cubes from above. This expanded full version from Mumbo Jumbo based on the original is a welcome addition to the puzzle game genre.

Super Collapse II! stands out from other Tetris inspired games by the way a player progresses through the different levels. Advancement is based on the player’s ability to withstand a constant onslaught of cubes arriving on screen. If the cubes make it to the top of the screen, game over. So you must remove them by clicking on groupings of three or more similarly colored cubes thus creating a cascade of all the cubes above the ones removed.

The Traditional and Relapse modes are very similar to web version of this game. More and more cubes appear and you frantically click groupings to progress to faster and more difficult levels. In Traditional mode, the blocks appear at the bottom of the screen moving your pile of cubes every closer to the top of the game field. If they touch the top, the game is over. In Relapse mode, cubes appear at the top and the bottom. If the piles of cubes from either side touch, game over. You technically can never win in either of these two versions since the cubes just appear faster and faster at the bottom the farther you progress. Also, new color cubes and special cubes start appearing at higher levels thus making the game more difficult. You are playing to survive and get the best score possible. The larger the groupings of cubes you click the more points you receive.

Where Super Collapse II excels and sets itself apart from the web version of the game is in the two remaining modes, Puzzle and Strategy. In Puzzle mode, cubes are pre-arranged on the screen. The player must figure out which colors and groupings to click in order to remove all the cubes from the screen. Thankfully there is no time limit giving you the ability to contemplate your current move and every move thereafter. Through trial and error you will be able to progress through most of the levels. If a particular level is troubling you, head over to and look through their Puzzle solution page. Some of the harder puzzles have clear and easy to understand answers on how to finish them. There also have an extended puzzle pack for the game but it appears to be Windows only at this time. Strategy mode is like Traditional mode except that the cubes at the bottom appear in a full line after each click. In Traditional they scroll across the bottom in a timed manner and then the line appears which rewards speedy play. But in Strategy, since an entire line appears after every click, you need to take your time and choose wisely.

The music and sound complete this game. Super Maxi Sound provides the addictive music. I found myself not just leaving the music on but turning it up. Even the simplest of sounds, like clicking on a group of cubes, is well thought out and pleasantly appealing. You can hear them very distinctly popping every time you click them. Also, when you remove a large grouping you are rewarded with a larger sound and a number on the screen showing how many points you received for your clever move. Each mode has its own style of music that matches the frantic or thoughtful mode.

I played this game on several systems and had no problems on any of them. The game recommends any Mac system running any version of OS X. Pretty much if your system can run X, you can play this game very well on it. The game does give you a full screen option, which is nice, but I usually found myself playing the game in its default window setting.

One question I kept asking myself while playing this game was “Why would I pay for a game that I can play online for free?” The answer is simple. New game modes add a new depth not available online. Though the game is very similar to its online counterpart, Collapse, its gameplay options are significantly different making it a bargain at its suggested retail price of $19.95.

Super Collapse! II
Publisher: MacPlay
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