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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Action
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Call of Duty
June 11, 2004 | Eric Ford

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Finally, we get down to the meat of the game. Call of Duty mimics nearly every other first person shooter in raw gameplay. Weapons of old are accurately recreated and include your standard supply of pistols, automatics, old style sniper rifles, and grenades. Players navigate through the action with mission-styled gameplay, each level possessing several main objectives that must be accomplished. Occasionally, additional objectives will be presented to the player while they are playing the level (definitely adds to the immersion factor).

Okay, so every thing so far is pretty average as far as your present generation FPS is concerned. So, what makes Call of Duty special? It definitely has to be the overall experience that is conferred upon the player when they realize that they are simply another pawn in the great strategy of war. Many of the levels have you playing as just one soldier in a unit fighting for survival and victory. You will watch your (somewhat) intelligent allies fight side by side with you. You’ll grimace as one of your teammates is shot down, leaving you with that much less support as you attempt to accomplish a mission.

In Call of Duty, the NPC allies actually matter. You’ll find that while a lot of your objectives are usually done solo, a few of them are just heroic deeds that aid your allies in getting their objectives done. That, in my opinion, is why Call of Duty is so great. It creates a unique experience that can claim some success in showing how World War II really was for one person.

Yes, in addition to the superb single-player campaign. Call of Duty also features some decent multiplayer action. There is a good deal of variety in the maps that are available (many of them are taken straight from the game). For game types, Call of Duty has six different multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (yeah, they consider this another mode), Search and Destroy, Behind Enemy Lines, Retrieval, and Headquarters. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are pretty self explanatory: kill your opponents, most kills wins. Search and Destroy is one of the more popular multiplayer modes, and features team action with one team attempting to destroy one of two objectives on a map by planting a bomb.

The game can be won by either successfully planting, defending and destroying an objective or by eliminating the opposition (every play gets one life only). Behind Enemy Lines is a team deathmatch derivative that has one team trying to nab a kill to become the ‘hunted,’ then they try to survive without getting a kill against them (which would change hunted status to the other team).

Retrieval is another objective based mode, which has one team trying to steal artifacts that the other team is guarded. Headquarters is a capture-the-flag-esque team game. The multiplayer experience isn’t as well rounded as the single-player mode (especially with the occasionally latency issues that I experienced while playing it). But, the variety is there, and it is a definite complement, adding a lot of replayability after single-player is done.

Call of Duty is a must have for any first person shooter fan. The game offers a unique twist in the World War II genre, combining great visuals, superb music, and a different gameplay experience to separate itself from the competition. The story in each individual mission keeps the player immersed in the whole, and the ‘team’ oriented single player campaign allows players to be more of a hero among other allies that are present.

In addition, the multiplayer addition provides a big boost to playing looking to test their skills with other players after the single-player expedition has been worn out. If you want a great game with lasting appeal, definitely check this one out.

Call of Duty
Publisher: Aspyr Media
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