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Manufacturer: Belkin
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: USB Port

Belkin Wireless Keyboard/Ergo Mouse
April 29, 2004 | Galen Wiley

The mouse, in contrast to the keyboard, is surprisingly bare. While it does have a second button and a scroll wheel (which also features its own button), I found it to be rather minimal as far as features go. You can only get so far with three buttons, especially in this day and age. Overall, an only "acceptable" effort.

Wireless equipment may rid us of wires, but it can still tangle us up in frustration. It is rather unfortunate then, that Belkin seems to have missed the point here. From my experience, it seems as if the mouse and keyboard have split personalities. For the most part, they remained faithful, perhaps missing a keystroke here or there, but for the most part, I found both to be pretty accurate.

However, there were times when I found the products entirely unresponsive. In fact, I discovered that when leaving either product (mainly the mouse) untouched for a prolonged amount of time and then returning to work on them, there was a very noticeable delay from when I accessed them to when the results finally appeared on my monitor, if they appeared at all. What's strange, as the days went on, I found the problems becoming more and more common. At one point, it became so bad that if I even happened to left the mouse off of its surface, the cursor would dance sporadically across the screen. I tried readjusting the channel on the receiver, but it helped little. I eventually gave up when the familiar red glow of the mouse's optical sensor died out, which prevented me from pretty much doing anything other than clicking on whatever it was on last.

Perhaps it was due to the placement of the receiver, or some bizarre disturbance in the cosmos, but I have used similar devices before, and I have never once came across such problems. Its a shame really, that such a great device must suffer from such petty problems.

Final Thoughts
The Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Ergo Optical Mouse makes for a good replacement package for both home users and professionals. The keyboard is light, compact, and feature-packed, while the mouse aims for comfort over extras. If you can overlook the products' questionable accuracies, you'll most likely be satisfied with what Belkin has to offer. Just make sure you're right-handed.

For gaming in particular, I would not recommend either product, in particular the mouse, especially for more reflex-demanding games such as first person shooters. The mouse's questionable accuracy can seriously upset gameplay, and with only three customizable buttons, its hardly what one would call a "power machine". As for the keyboard, wireless devices in general will experience at least some command transfer problems (via delayed output or just plain lack of responsiveness). If you want to game, you'll most likely want wired peripherals for maximum response.

  • Appealing and comfortable design
  • Keyboard is compact, has many features

  • Serious accuracy issues
  • Mouse is practically unusable for left-handers.

    Belkin Wireless Keyboard/Ergo Mouse
    Manufacturer: Belkin
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