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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.2.6    CPU: G4 @ 800 MHz    RAM: 256 MB    Hard Disk: 1024 MB    Graphics: 32 MB VRAM

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
February 17, 2004 | Mary Frey

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What movie-inspired, game's video remains on the New Release wall of your local video rental store year after year? Well, that would be all of the Indiana Jones movies. Twenty years later and Indy still rules, but not just in the Movies section. Try checking out the Video Games section of your local store.

In Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, you ARE Indiana Jones and its up to you to find and protect the "Heart of the Dragon." To find this artifact, you will have 10 levels, numerous puzzles and swift combat encounters at every turn. Find all three pieces of the Dragon Seal Key and you are good to go.

This game won big points with me before I even hit the "New Game" button. I am very impressed by games with fast initial load times, and Indiana Jones did not let me down. There is no greater deterrent to a video game than to have it take so long to load, that you are on to other projects by the time it gets to that first menu, and you end up abandoning it altogether. This game takes place in 1935 and you are Indiana Jones. The first step of your mission is to find the gates of the Lost City through the viny, overgrown, forested back drop known as Ceylon (a.k.a. present day Sri Lanka). The game manages to capture the very essence of a hard trek over ancient stone works and through the sometimes unforgivable environment of earthquake-ridden rain forests.

Indy's body movements and actions are reminiscent of Lara Croft, only better. Indy flexs and appears agitated if he stands in one spot too long. As he loses his energy, he is visibly worn out and his breathing, heavy. Its very life-like, er, at least on my G4 tower. The graphics are superb and the game, challenging. Even better, the music precisely puts you in the mood for adventure. With woodwinds crooning and woodblocks accenting your every move, you truly feel a part of this classic movie. Its the constant cello that keeps you the edge of your seat, fearing danger, popping up around every corner.

Just when you think you have your next three moves planned out, an earthquake erupts, tearing the ground apart. Stone pillars are crashing down all around you and the floor rips apart to block your only escape...or has it? Explore, explore, explore. Grab everything. Keep your canteen full and your health thermometer at the max and you are on your way to the next adventure. There are fewer controls to worry about which can be a blessing....or a curse depending on what you are used to having at your fingertips to control your main characters. Keep in mind that some weapons have uses other than to maim your attackers. For example, your whip turns into a handy swing for getting from one side of the property to another, where there is no apparent alternative.


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