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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Simulation    Expansion For: The Sims
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3    RAM: 128 MB    Hard Disk: 1300 MB    Graphics: 800x600, 4 MB VRAM

The Sims: Superstar
October 29, 2003 | Mary Frey

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If you try to jump right in and visit the studio to act, you will be scolded by the director. At my first attempt, she told me I was too tall. They will call you nothing short of an embarrassment to your profession. So, don't get them all riled up right off the bat. The Studio Town team (directors, producers, assistants, etc.) ultimately control the movie, album, or video that you will be in, so you definitely want to get on their good side.

As in all Sim expansion packs, becoming a celebrity takes time. The first thing you will want to do is to approach the Sim carrying a notepad. This Sim is the Production Assistant (PA). She knows all the ins and outs of becoming and staying a star. Your agent will arrange to have the PA meet you at the trolley. Be sure to introduce yourself. She will give you clues as to how to become a super star. Your next step is to seek out Sims with a star over his or her head. Ask for autographs. Buddy up to them. For in order to become a superstar, the goal is to rub elbows with celebrities and name-drop. Hone your craft, and keep your fans happy. It's just that simple.

Simple? Yes. Hard? Not really. But this all takes a very long time, just as it would in real life. Don’t spend a whole lot of time there, as it gets expensive. Everything costs more in Studio Town. If you get hungry, those Hollywood lunches will cost you upwards of $25 a plate. None of this comes cheap! The more fame stars you receive, the more access you get to use objects in Studio Town. From the low end, no stars, you are allowed to sing at the Karaoke bar. In the middle, 2.5 stars give you access to the TV set (a soap opera). The high end, 5 stars, gives you access to all fame objects.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice there is so much going on at once. Sims were fighting one another. Sims were loving each other. Sims were playing together. Almost every conceivable interaction is going on somewhere in Studio Town. Its almost too much to take it all in. There are other conversations, other dramas, amongst Sims all around. If nothing exciting is going on with your Sim, take a break. Watch other Sims work through their dramas.

Keep your celebrity status
Once a star, keep the Studio Town team and your fans happy. This will win you awards. As you get more rich and famous, you will have access to butlers which take care of all your needs, from cooks to feed you and maid service, to nannies and security to keep the hoards of your adoring fans at bay.

Can’t get enough Sims stuff?
As with past expansion packs, there are new things to buy, more than 150 to be exact. In the menu at the bottom of the screen, you will find new subcategories. For instance, the relationship factor is now broken down further into subcategories of family, friends, and movie stars.

Superstar – the condensed version
Hire an agent and go to Studio Town. Seek out and ask notepad-toting Sims the right questions and they will get you started. Get good at your trade. Then mingle, mingle, mingle, mingle, and mingle some more! Make the stars your friends and then name-drop and soon you will be on the fast track to fame. Once a star, be kind to your fans so they vote for you to win awards. Forget about them and some become obsessed stalkers. The higher your Fame score, the more gifts and lavish décor you get.

What's New
Lifestyle – skydiving simulators, practice talent objects, scuba dives, satellite dishes (adding more stations to TVs), limousines, karaoke machines, spa area, steamers, mud bath, oxygen bar, and more empty lots to build other extravagant places for your Sims to visit
Sims – butlers, masseuses, obsessed fans, domestic staff, a sushi chef, paparazzi, and groupies
Home Decor – new floors, roofs, paint, art and furniture collections.
Fame - film, photo, music, soap opera sets and fashion runways (unlocked by raising your Fame Stars)
Interactions – socially the Sims can show off to their fans, give autographs, quick hugs
Accreditations – awards (Simmy and Sim Choice), Fame
Neighborhood Screen Filter – (shows on top of Studio Town when you first enter) gives you the ability to find what you are looking for. Click on the food icon, and all the eateries have arrows pointing to them. If you'd rather be a musician than an actor, click on the instrument icon to see where the recording studios are.
Subcategories – Instead of scrolling through countless items in order to get to a painting to purchase, there are subcategories: paintings, sculptures, rugs, etc. In addition, your friends are now subcategorized into family, friends, and famous superstar friends.
Neighborhoods – six, seven and eight (if you didn't install previous expansion packs)


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