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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Simulation    Expansion For: The Sims
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3    RAM: 128 MB    Hard Disk: 1300 MB    Graphics: 800x600, 4 MB VRAM

The Sims: Superstar
October 29, 2003 | Mary Frey

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Are you still waiting to be "discovered?"

Lights! Camera! Action! Aspyr has finally fed our fantasies with this seventh in a series of expansion packs for The Sims. This multiplayer, virtual world game, licensed by Electronic Arts and tested by Westlake Interactive, takes your Sims on a would-be stalker’s ride of a lifetime. Congratulations! You are a Superstar!

No longer slaves to the corporate life, your Sims now board the fast track to their own personal Tinsel Town, a.k.a. Studio Town. Studio Town is a huge, virtual play land for the rich and famous. From oxygen bars to top-of-the-line steam chambers, your Sims have access to all the luxuries of a celebrity lifestyle.

How to become a Superstar
Just as in real life, the first thing your Sim needs is an agent. You can get one by reading the tabloid, The Studio Town Insider, which is delivered with your daily newspaper. Make sure you really want to be a star because once you pick a talent agent, you will lose your current job and the salary that goes with it. You have three Superstar types to pick from: movie star, rock star or fashion model. After that, a quick call to the cab company and you are on your way to Studio Town. You’re on the road to super stardom!

Belly, Bladder and Bedrest
Right down to LA's busy highways, your Sims will have access to all of the Hollywood lifestyle. Several studios, both film and the music recording industry, call Studio Town their home. Add to that a spiffy spa, a sumptuous sushi bar, and a Karaoke party and your Sims are truly living the life of a star (whether they are one or not). This is where some planning comes in. With food starting at $25 and barely filling the hunger thermometer, you should fill up on food at home. Likewise, fill up on energy too, for there is no place to sleep in Studio Town. Also, empty your bladder at home, as some sites in Studio Town don't even have a bathroom. Once the thermometers near empty, it is time to head back home.

What Irene Cara never got enough of and David Bowie couldn't touch, is the new scorecard for the Sims in Superstar – “Fame.” How far you get in this game is determined by the newly introduced Fame score, which ranges from "Nobody" to "Superstar." The more fame you earn, the more access you are allowed. The more Fame, the more dollars; the more dollars, the more lavish your house. Unfortunately, that is far, far down the line as I quickly found out.

The Superstar formula is simple: practice, practice, practice. When you aren’t practicing, get to know the people in the biz. Once you become a star, keep your fans happy and you are on your way to super-stardom filled with all the awards, schmoozing, and paparazzi you can stand.

In Studio Town
To help you decide where to go, click on the icons near the top of the Studio Town screen. There are icons representing the type of show business you want to get into: acting, modeling, or music. Additional icons show you the location of gift shops, restrooms, eateries, and even a faux Rodeo Drive.

Studio Town's streets, chock full of paparazzi, autograph seekers, admirers, and a few could-be-stalker types, add to the mix. The paparazzi are everywhere taking pictures. You can pose for them or stage a publicity stunt to jump-start your show business career. (Hint: If you have difficulty locating stars, find and follow the photographers.)

Christina Aguilera is roaming the streets, so is Brittany Spears. Ask for autographs. Greet people and get to know them so that your Star Power goes higher. The more you know, the further you will get in the biz. Find your favorite star and super-inflate their ego with compliments but don't go overboard. You just might offend them, losing points instead. The Studio Town Insider will tell you who is famous and who is not. Make sure you memorize that list so that you spend your time with the "Hotties" not waste your time with the "Notties".


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