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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.1    CPU: G3 @ 733 MHz    RAM: 256 MB    Hard Disk: 1050 MB    Graphics: 16 MB VRAM

Star Trek Elite Force II
March 15, 2004 | Richard Hallas

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"Captain Picard, please come down to sickbay right away. There's been an accident."
"Explain, doctor. What's happened?"
"It's Mr Tuvok, Captain. There was a feedback loop in the transporter's primary pattern buffer while he was being beamed on board, and certain parts of his anatomy were duplicated in transit."
"Has he survived?"
"Yes sir. Luckily no vital organs were affected, but he needs minor cosmetic surgery to remove a third ear which materialized in the middle of his forehead."
"He has three ears?"
"Yes sir. A left ear, a right ear and a final front ear."

Luckily there aren't any transporter accidents, or even terrible puns, in Elite Force II, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to extemporize on my favourite Star Trek joke here; sorry! (The joke is usually: "How many ears does Mr Spock have? Three...")

The original Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force came out over two years ago and was well executed, with a strong storyline that played out rather like an episode of the TV series. But it had some shortcomings: its single-player game was much too short, easy and linear, it had a lot of extremely small levels, and its loading times were glacial. Although the sequel bears more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, there are some significant differences. The new game seems a little less story-driven and slightly less linear than the first, and it's also a lot more of a challenge.

Elite Force II is still quite heavily story-driven, and to say that it has less of a story than the original might be to do it an injustice, as it even makes an attempt to have a 'B story' as well as the primary storyline, in that there are brief opportunities for romance between the player's character, Alexander Munro, and either another member of the Hazard Team or an alien beauty. However, overall it feels much less like an attempt to create a single episode in the form of a game.

Note that the "Voyager" bit has been dropped from the title. Voyager does feature in the first mission, but most of the game is based around the Enterprise-E with Picard in the captain's chair. The opportunity to play a female lead has also gone, probably partly for story reasons. You can now only play Alexander Munro, not Alexandria.


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