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Manufacturer: Microsoft
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: USB Port

Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth
May 30, 2003 | Lucian Fong

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It's Not Your Momma's Wireless Mouse
Aside from the Bluetooth transceiver grafted into the Bluetooth IntelliMouse, much of the interior and exterior remains the same. Microsoft has given this mouse a facelift, adding a Bluetooth badge behind the scroll wheel and finishing the body with a stunning, two-tone color scheme. The deep blue shell and the black side grips give the mouse an "I'm a sports car - drive me" appearance. And that?s exactly what I did.

The Bluetooth IntelliMouse is taller, wider, and (arguably) more ergonomic than the Logitech MX500 to which I've grown accustomed. My hand draped naturally over the body, which curves down gently on the right side. I don't have very large hands, but the Bluetooth IntelliMouse cupped my hand almost perfectly and felt very comfortable, though a person with small hands may have difficulty adjusting to the size of this mouse.

The side grips flare out towards the bottom of the mouse to prevent the user's hand from dragging on the mousing surface, but they don't provide much grip. Like the MX500, I had to grip the Bluetooth IntelliMouse tightly to prevent it from sliding out of my hand when I picked it up to reposition it. I hope that Logitech and Microsoft will use a material that provides more friction in their upcoming products.

While the ergonomics of the Bluetooth IntelliMouse were pleasing, the soft buttons left me feeling a bit unsatisfied. I really like the crisp, sharp feeling buttons on the MX500, MouseMan Dual Optical and IntelliMouse Optical. I adjusted easily to the left and right mouse buttons, but the thumb buttons felt too mushy, for lack of a better term. Not that I could use them anyway, since Microsoft has yet to add support for the Bluetooth IntelliMouse in the IntelliPoint drivers. Lastly is the scroll wheel, which seems to be a matter of personal taste. Personally, I prefer one that is smooth with even tension, but the Bluetooth IntelliMouse's wheel is "clicky" with distinct steps.

The Bluetooth wireless transceiver is a cool looking gadget in its own right, something many Mac users will appreciate. It comes in three pieces: a USB docking station, a Bluetooth dongle which glows blue when powered, and a female mini-USB to male USB "A" adapter. The adapter is handy if you have a laptop or want to use the Bluetooth mouse with another computer. Microsoft could have eliminated the need for an adapter by using a male USB "A" connector on the dongle and a female connector in the docking station.


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