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Publisher: MacSoft    Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 350 MHz    RAM: 128 MB    Hard Disk: 400 MB    Graphics: 800x600 @ 16-bit

Master of Orion III
April 29, 2003 | Michael Phillips

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Graphics: I Am Your Brilliance and Frustration
Being a new game, I expected Master of Orion III to employ all sorts of nifty visual effects, however this isn't exactly so. First, the game's intro movie is outstanding, yet the in-game visuals tend to be fairly flat and uninspired. Space combat, although in 3D, also isn't exactly worth shedding a tear. Still, the animations of the game's various races are lovely. I'm not saying that the graphics are bad and hurt the game, it simply seems that the designers often chose function over form. My only major complaint is that the game is locked at the lowly resolution of 800x600. It's safe to say that Master of Orion III is a game of visual juxtaposition.

Sound: I Am Your Joy and Your Regret
Much like Master of Orion III's visuals, sound in MoO3 is a mixed bag. The game's intro audio is cinematic in quality. The voices for each race during diplomacy are brilliantly crafted. Yet, the rest of the game's sound effects are comprised of generic sci-fi beeps, blasts and whirrs. However, with such addictive gameplay, the blasť audio didn't bother me.

Conclusion: And I Love You Still
Despite the game's passť visual and audio effects, I absolutely adore Master of Orion III. The gameplay is so addictive, I often found myself saying, "Okay, just one more turn", 267 times in a row. This game is immersive, richly detailed and full of strategy. Furthermore, multiplayer support is quite fun when friends are involved. All in all, Master of Orion III is a turn-based strategy fan's dream.

Now, in honor of Apple's rockin' new music service and the fact that Psilons dig Alanis Morissette, comes the trivia portion of our review. In this article there 3 lyrics from my all time favorite Alanis song. The first person to identify the lyrics, song and album from which they came wins their very own copy of Master of Orion III. (Note: We have a winner! The correct answer was: I Am Your Brilliance and Frustration, I Am Your Joy and Your Regret, And I Love You Still, from the Song "Still", on the Dogma soundtrack.)

Master of Orion III
Publisher: MacSoft
Developer: Quicksilver Software
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