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Manufacturer: Microsoft
Min OS X: Any Version    Requires: USB Port

Optical Mouse Blue
October 10, 2002 | Tim Morgan

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Optical mice have come a long way since their inception, shedding the comparatively jerky, sticky and jumpy movement early adopters would associate with their new toys. There's a lot to love in a modern mouse, everything from wireless receivers to dual sensors to five or more buttons for click-happy gamers.

When Microsoft inexplicably unleashed an army of new peripherals unto its hapless customers, it left in its wake an intimidatingly large selection of optical and wireless-optical mice for users fed up with the dust-clogged innards of their conventional mice. Among these choices was the Optical Mouse Blue, and compared to some of the flashier mice and keyboards Microsoft offered, it certainly didn't promise to revolutionize the way we push a little cursor around. However, the Optical Mouse Blue certainly deserves a once-over given its relatively low price-tag.

It's Blue
It's pretty obvious Microsoft did not intend to market the Optical Mouse Blue as a groundbreaking technological wonder. After all, their main selling point here is the color of the mouse: a highly un-cutting-edge shade of blue. Although the color looks nice sitting next to Apple's subtle tints of acrylic, it's not as if a team of quantum physicists labored hours into the night to come up with a new color of mouse.

To complement the blue overtones, a beaming red light illuminates the IntelliPoint logo on the rear of the mouse. The light adds a nice touch the mouse and can illuminate most of the desk behind your mouse when gaming into the dead of night. The mouse, like many other optical mice, appears as if to hover on a bed of red light spilling from beneath its surface. In actually, of course, it rests on four sliding pads.

The Optical Mouse Blue would not even be considered a gaming mouse if it didn't have at least two buttons and a scroll wheel, and that it does. The wheel has a lot less tension than those of Logitech's, which can be good or bad depending on personal preference. Because of its low tension, it can be easy to accidentally press the wheel when one intends merely to scroll it.

The mouse comes with an ample supply of cable and a CD-ROM with the IntelliPoint software.


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