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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Simulation    Expansion For: The Sims
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 233 MHz    RAM: 192 MB    Hard Disk: 600 MB    8x CD-ROM

The Sims: Vacation
September 18, 2002 | Michael Phillips

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Everyone remembers their yearly family vacations, when everybody piled into the family vehicle packed with too much luggage and too little space. Then, the long drive to some far off tourist trap or sometimes-even paradise would begin. Though, when I was a tot of 9, the big castle at some out of state miniature golf course was paradise, but I digress. At any rate, vacations always deliver countless memories, souvenirs, and crazy stories.

However, the previous refers to real-life people and not those lovable digital people, the Sims. Thatís right, until recently the Sims had never known the joys of vacationing. No Sim had ever been on a rustic family camping trip or romantic ski lodge tryst. Life for the Sims was sad, repetitive and oh so local. Yet, now, thanks to those hipsters at Aspyr Media, the Sims can take to the long and winding road by way of a huge expansion pack aptly named, The Sims: Vacation.

Iíll turn this car around RIGHT NOW!
Unlike previous Sims expansion packs, with the exception of Hot Date, aside from adding new items to amuse bored Sims, Vacation adds entirely new locations for Sims to explore and enjoy. Thanks to the grand opening of a new Resort Island, Sims are able to leave home and enjoy activities from camping to snowboarding. Unlike actual vacationing, planning a Sim vacation is quick and painless. Sims simply need to pick up the telephone, call for the resort shuttle and theyíre on their way to various forms of paradise. When the shuttle arrives, all Sims occupying the household must tag along on the vacation. No one gets to stay home and sit out the vacation fun. Donít worry, while on vacation, Sims need not fret over work and school, the house remains just as it is left. After every Sim loads into the resort shuttle, the player is presented with a view of each location on Resort Island. One simply needs to click on the desired location and away they go.

A Vacation From My Problems
The Resort Island is vast and full of ways for Sims to frolic. Each part of the Island has its own theme; there are rustic campsites, romantic ski lodges, a cheap beach motel and a semi-swank beach resort. The ski lodge, for instance, features luxurious cabin style rooms, an outdoor hot tub and a full buffet. For those who enjoy roughing it, the various campgrounds are complete with rustic tents or igloos depending on a Simís climate preferences, outdoor grills for making the perfect burger, volleyball nets and fully stocked ponds for fishing. Speaking of climate, it actually does play a role on Resort Island. If a Sim goes from home, to the beach, theyíll automatically don a bathing suit. However, if they depart from the beach and arrive at the ski lodge, the bathing suit is still the chosen attire, making said Sim rather uncomfortable. Thus, it is necessary to either buy a new outfit from a merchant or rent a hotel room that boasts a wardrobe.

Indeed, there are several nice hotels on Resort Island. Upon arrival at a hotel, a Sim must check-in in order to have access to there own private washroom and cozy bed. Remember, a comfortable, well-rested Sim is a happy Sim. There is a nightly room rental fee, if a Sim doesnít checkout at the front desk, they are automatically billed another night.


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