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Publisher: Spiderweb Software    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: 601    RAM: 12 MB    Hard Disk: 20 MB    Graphics: 800x600 @ 16-bit

Avernum 3
July 31, 2002 | Christopher Morin

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Have It Your Way
Character development and customization is a strong suit for Avernum 3. The player can pick and choose the areas in which each character will specialize. Will they be adept at creating potions? Will they be exceptional with ranged weapons? It is all up to the player. There are so many customizable aspects to each character that this space will not allow it to be covered. Registering Avernum 3 will only set you back $25.00 US ($32 if you want the hint book), so it will not hurt you too much to find out for yourself.

Avernum 3 also gives Mac gamers another quality RPG title to add to the ever-growing list that includes other great titles like Avernum 2, Baldur’s Gate II, and the soon-to-be released Neverwinter Nights from MacSoft. Its story and fun style of gaming make it a worthy game. The repetitiveness of the graphics do not help Avernum be a game you will want to play over and over again. The best thing about Avernum 3 is that it provides the same vastness as other titles costing nearly twice as much, while offering a rich plot that some of the others do not have. Avernum 3 is currently a Mac OS 9 title, though it does play very well in Classic. An OS X native version is due out later this summer, as is a Windows version.

  • Vast areas to explore
  • A great deal of character customization
  • Rich story
  • One heck of a value

  • Repetitive graphics
  • Combat system has its limitations
  • Replayability is not high

    Avernum 3
    Publisher: Spiderweb Software
    Download Avernum 3 Demo


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