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Publisher: Spiderweb Software    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: 601    RAM: 12 MB    Hard Disk: 20 MB    Graphics: 800x600 @ 16-bit

Avernum 3
July 31, 2002 | Christopher Morin

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Ah! the smell of victory. In Avernum 2, the successful campaign ended with the defeat of the armies of the surface empire. The rebel Avernites accomplished the impossible and won their war. Return to the surface, from which they had been banished, was now possible. The only problem is that the surface world is not the lush Eden you dreamed of. Instead, it is ravaged by disease and horrible monsters. As time passes, people die and cities fall into ruin. Your horror at the plight of the surface world is only heightened when you are asked by the Empire, your former enemies, to help solve the problems wreaking havoc on the surface world. Failure will mean the surface world is forever unattainable to your fellow Avernites.

Avernum 3 is the third and final chapter in Spider Web Software’s Avernum trilogy. The Avernum series is a fantastic RPG set of games encompassing hundreds of cities in a fantasy world filled with intrigue and adventure. These are the games that draw you in with their style of gameplay and storyline. Spiderweb’s games allow the player to choose which role they want to play in the scenario that justifies the game. Do you want to rage through the game like a bully, taking what you want when you want? Do you want to play through the game and help every person in distress? Or, would you rather play with a mixture of both? The choices are yours. The characters within the game react accordingly. Citizens will be more hostile toward you if you routinely steal from them and kill them. In Avernum 3, you have the option to fiddle while Rome burns, if that suits your fancy. Of course, experience with any other Avernum title is not a prerequisite to fully enjoying Avernum 3, but it will not hurt either.

Look At The Size Of That Thing
The immortal words of Luke Skywalker are apropos for Avernum 3. The world is vast, immense and huge. There are over one hundred cities and dungeons to explore. Each is filled with a cast of characters who will help you with your quest(s) or ask you to undertake their own quest for their own dubious reasons. Of course, there are the guards who rarely offer any useful information, but of course, exhort all passersby to obey the law. Who me? Obey the law? I think not.

There are a multitude of shops in which you can procure provisions for your party. Everything from food to potions to weaponry is available. Finding the necessary coin to purchase your goodies is as simple as killing the bad guys and looting their pockets as they grow cold and stiff.

Avernum aims to please. Of course, and let us get this out of the way right now, those who favor stunning visual and audio in their RPG games will likely leave Avernum 3 with a feeling similar to that which you would feel after eating at a Chinese restaurant. You will know you ate something, but you still feel hungry. Well, this analogy is a tad extreme because Avernum 3 is genuinely a great game; it just will not appeal to those with a palate for aural and visual stimulation. Avernum 3 does provide a vastness that has a beauty all its own. The myriad of towns and conversations that can be had are almost overwhelming.

Another area of variety in Avernum is in the weaponry. When you start out, just as in most games, the players have minimal gear. As the game goes on, better gear can be obtained by looting defeated foes or by purchasing it at the multitude of shops located in the villages, cities and towns.


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