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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Action
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 400 MHz    RAM: 96 MB    Hard Disk: 600 MB    4x CD-ROM    Graphics: 640x480

Clive Barker's Undying
July 8, 2002 | Chris Barylick

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The Screams of Your Breakfast Pastry
Or the screams of the servant who was in the process of bringing your breakfast pastry before the undead demonic thing fulfilled its Platonic function of just being, by hacking said person to tiny bits. The sound is where Undying truly shines; complete with good voice acting that actually expresses something of a character. Small touches like the snuffling/sneezing of the living dragon head on your Tibetan War Cannon make the game impressive, the little details having been remembered.

Ambient and environmental sound has been given what seems to be a top-shelf priority in Undying and it shows. Beyond any directional compass which the game doesnít provide the players with, just listening to the flow of sounds from your Macís speakers tends to be enough of a clue to discern where a sound is coming from and what to do about it. Even if Apple dropped some of the Sprocket support for OS X, the sound teams did a great job and itís cool to be able to both enjoy the audio cues as well as be able to use them to your advantage.

Everything but the Mittens
Going beyond the simple testosterone-laden heavy weaponry of the typical first-person shooter (yes, you can barely even lift the weapon, but think of the damage it can do), Undying works as a blend between extensive item, weapon and spell inventories, allowing for a fighting balance not often seen in this genre.

Amplifier Stones: These can boost Patrickís spell powers by one level each time theyíre used.

Health Pack: Fairly self-explanatory, these come in all shapes and sizes and are even more readily available than that helpful Saint Bernard with the barrel around its neck that revives your character in MacSki.

Dynamite: Perfect for tossing in the general direction of the undead or blowing open walls to reveal new passages.

Arcane Whorls: Items which increase Patrickís mana recovery rate.

Mana Wells: These increase the amount of mana that Patrick can hold at any given time.

Ether Traps: Similar to the traps in Ghostbusters, these trap enemies and store them away in alternate dimensions.

Bullet Ammunition: The standard ammunition for Patrickís revolver. A tad rare, ammo should be conserved for precise shooting instead of trying to turn enemies into Swiss cheese.

Silver Bullets: Specialty revolver ammunition that can be used to inflict damage on magical opponents.

Shotgun Shells: The standard ammunition for the shotgun and best way to insure that your daughterís boyfriend goes through with the wedding.

Phosphorous Shells: Special ammunition for the shotgun that uses a nifty fire effect.

Gelíziabar Stone: An artifact discovered by Patrick Galloway during World War I after killing off a mysterious shaman that attacked his unit. When the stone is equipped, all of Patrickís spells will be amplified by one level and Patrick will receive visual cues as to when to use the Scrye spell. The stone can be used as an offensive weapon, producing a small shockwave that can knock back enemies.

Revolver: Patrickís basic weapon. This six-shooter is capable of taking down standard enemies in one or two shots (depending on where the round hits), but is a bit slow to reload.

Molotov Cocktail: A short-range weapon that can leave a useful fire behind to block enemy attacks.

A weapon that allows Patrick to summon a large phoenix that can be led to attack enemies. Unfortunately, thereís a downside as guiding the phoenix opens you to any and all enemy attacks.

Spear Gun: A silent, long-range weapon that can zoom in and out to function as a sniper weapon. This can also be combined with the Lighting spell to create an even more powerful attack.

Shotgun: A double-barreled hand cannon of unrivaled virility that can fire from either one or both chambers as well as use Phosphorous Shells for a fire effect.

Tibetan War Cannon: A portable dragonís head that fires ice orbs. These rounds can slow enemies down or freeze small patches of water.

Scythe of the Celt: A long blade that can be used to separate a demonís soul from its body. In frenzied mode, Patrick can steal health from fallen enemies, although this mode consumes mana points with a vengeance.

Scrye: A light spell that amplifies the available light in a given area.

Ectoplasm: A short-range spell that fires bursts or energy at supernatural/magical enemies. When upgraded, Ectoplasm can penetrate thin walls and corners for its attacks.

Skull Storm: A grenade weapon of sorts, this spell allows Patrick to hurl multiple skulls at enemies and use their explosions to generate further damage.

Lightning: A simple spell that allows Patrick to fire bolts of lightning at enemies. When upgraded, the lightning will attack multiple enemies simultaneously.

Invoke: A spell that allows Patrick to resurrect defeated creatures to fight in his place. This can be upgraded to summon even more powerful creatures.

Dispel: A neutralization spell of sorts, this can take down magical barriers and at higher levels counteract magical spells that have been cast against Patrick.

Shield: A spell to protect Patrick against magical and physical attacks. At higher levels, the shield can withstand more damage.

Haste: A spell that temporarily grants Patrick a boost of speed. At higher levels, the spell will last for a longer duration of time.

Flight: A spell that grants Patrick limited flight ability and is activated by jumping.


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