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Publisher: Aspyr Media    Genre: Action
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 450 MHz    RAM: 128 MB    Hard Disk: 1340 MB

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
June 26, 2002 | Christopher Paretti

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The 2nd World War was a fascinating and terrifying battle of good versus evil. This worldwide struggle affected millions of lives, and ultimately changed the planet forever. The rich visual and emotional canvas created by the war logically led to a huge amount of post-war media. Many books and movies analyzed the battles and told personal stories of struggle. While these tales are important to understanding the scale of World War II, they could never portray battles interactively. Now thanks to the developers at 2015, and the Mac-loving people at Aspyr, we are granted the chance to be virtually inserted into some of the most epic affairs ever on a computer screen. In the timeless words of Dwight D. Eisenhower, "You are about to embark on the great crusade".

Medal of Honor plays like some intense and gritty war film. Even going through parts of basic training, consisting of weapon and movement exercises, made me want to leap into a battle. All of the authentic guns and grenades look and work as they would in reality. Your view also displays a very nice view-bob when walking, and has a feeling of weight when you jump.

One of the greatest features in the HUD is the compass. It not only shows you the direction you are heading, but it also has an arrow pointing toward your next objective. Surrounding the arrow are two ball bearings that get closer together as you approach your destination. Another nice function of the compass is the hit detector. Different chunks of the circle flash red dependant on where the shots are hitting you. Overall, the HUD is very small and effective, showing you all you need to know without any bloat.

While there is a multiplayer mode, (which we will discuss later) Allied Assault was obviously designed to be a single player game. Fortunately, it is one of the best single player experiences you will have on your Macintosh. After the first 3 minutes of gaming you will see how brilliantly this game creates its atmosphere. You are Lt. Mike Powell, a faceless soldier skilled in all types of warfare. Driven into your first mission hiding in the back of a truck, you and your squad watch a second truck following you. The captain is talking about your upcoming objectives as you are stopped at a roadblock. A stiff Nazi guard walks up the driver's side of the truck behind looking for identification. Your band of troops debate on whether or not the caravan is going to get through, while the truck waits for clearance. All of a sudden, the driver pulls out a handgun and shoots, executing the guard and alerting Nazi soldiers while you jump out of the truck and into the fray. Remember, this is only the beginning.


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