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Publisher: MacPlay    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 233 MHz    RAM: 128 MB    Hard Disk: 690 MB

Icewind Dale
April 8, 2002 | Michael Phillips

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Is there anything more thrilling than a grand adventure? No, Iím not talking about dinner & dancing with Joan Rivers, thatís just scary. Iím talking about an ogre-slaying, tomb-looting, spell-casting, heart-pounding adventure! I dare say no activity is more exhilarating. Thereís nothing more satisfying than strapping on a suit of full plate mail, picking up a newly polished long sword and tromping off into the God-forsaken wilderness with a group of like-minded companions in order to smite the forces of evil most foul. Sadly, in the year 2002, there is nary an adventure to be found that requires a suit of full plate mail. Unless, of course, the ever prolific game publisher MacPlay is involved. Thatís right my friends, MacPlay has released yet another role-playing game (RPG) for Macophiles everywhere: Icewind Dale is upon us.

Developed by Black Isle Studios, Icewind Dale is the tale of one groupís journey into the treacherous Spine of the World Mountains in order to thwart a heretofore-unknown ancient and dreadful evil. Using a modified version of the original Baldurís Gate engine, Icewind Dale is defiantly a stylish game, but can it possibly live up to todayís gameplay and visual standards? Is Icewind Dale a fireball of fantastical fun or a frostbitten foray into futility? Read on, Lords and Ladies, as we venture into the bone chilling depths of Icewind Dale. I may even toss in a bit more alliteration just for kicks, I MAY.

Gameplay: Itís Cool In Here, Boy
Icewind Dale takes place in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons world known as the Forgotten Realms. Icewind Dale itself is a territory located in the northernmost part of the Forgotten Realms, near the ever-treacherous Spine of the World Mountains. The adventure begins in the small fishing village of Easthaven. Winter has been unusually cruel this year, supply caravans are scarce and matters only look to get worse. Furthermore, the neighboring town of Kuldahar has been undergoing strange attacks, residents disappearing in the dead of night, leaving only the darkness behind to bear silent witness to their grim fate. Evil is certainly afoot, something must be done. Enter Hrothgar, self-appointed protector of Easthaven and retired adventurer. While having a mug of ale in the local tavern, Hrothgar notices a band of weather-worn travelers warming by a roaring fire; by the look of their gear, he can tell theyíve seen their fair share of dastardly foes. Hrothgar has been called by the Archdruid Arundal to assist in protecting his embattled home. Thus, Hrothgar decides to enlist the aid of these adventurers for the investigation of the tumult at Kuldahar. Now, the stage is set for the player to begin their journey.

Icewind Dale is an epic adventure featuring an intriguing story, dozens of graphically rich locations, a plethora of weapon and armor types, a multitude of powerful priest and wizard spells, 150 monster types, including giants, intense combat situations, multiplayer support, and snow, lots of snow. Before we get into the previous, letís discuss the most important part of any RPG, character creation.


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