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Publisher: Runesoft    Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: 10.6    CPU: 601 @ 180 MHz    RAM: 32 MB

Earth 2140
December 26, 2001 | Adam Newman

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The game is controlled with mouse clicks and pointing. If you click on a building, you get itís information and production values. If you click on a military unit, you can command it. Click and drag and to select multiple units into a group. Shift-clicking to join different units together doesnít work, so youíll have to move the units close enough to be able to drag a selection box around them. A green crosshair will appear and clicking will move your units to that position. The crosshair goes red over an enemy unit. Clicking then will initiate an attack. A mouse click also initiates construction of buildings. Control-clicking will deselect a unit and/or call up a status menu for that unit or building. Commands to control that particular unit are available here.

You begin each scenario after receiving your mission briefing. The goals are made very clear and can be reviewed during gameplay in case you forget an item on your ďto-doĒ list.

The map takes up the majority of the screen. Until you explore an area, it will be dark on the map. The bottom of the screen contains a status bar that relays incoming messages and all communications.

The left side of the screen contains the control panel. You can hide it temporarily to have more of the screen dedicated to the map and expand it again at your convenience. At the top of the control panel is a miniature world view. Raw materials, buildings, and units are visible here. If your units are attacked, they will flash on this mini-map. There are four main sub-panels that are accessible from the main control panel: Buildings, Units, Strategy, and Game Options.

The Buildings panel displays your available cash and energy. Each building is displayed with its status on the left and symbol on the right. Yellow arrows indicate adequate power, silver inadequate. Without power, a building canít produce anything. If a building can produce something, the status symbol is replaced by the symbol of the object it can produce. If you wish to produce more of the item/unit, just click on its symbol. Keep clicking to set up a queue of production. Control-clicking on a building in the map also brings up a similar menu. In addition, you can order repairs be initiated (at a cost, of course), order evacuation of all units, or activate/deactivate the self-destruct mechanism.

The units panel displays information and available commands for your military units. This can be a single unit or a group. Units can be commanded to guard (attack enemy on sight, but donít follow if they leave), move to a cursor location, attack, leave, mine (only for special units), escort (follow another unit), or set up waypoints (with up to 8 stops). Waypoints allow for precisely guiding your units along a certain path.


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