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Publisher: MacPlay    Genre: Action
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3    RAM: 128 MB

Giants: Citizen Kabuto
November 20, 2001 | Eddie Park

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As many gamers can attest, games can be a great way to relieve the stress accumulated by attempting to struggle through reality. Some gamers enjoy becoming powerful spellcasters, raining meteors down on their enemies or toasting them with walls of fire. Other gamers equip themselves with powerful high-tech weaponry, soaring through the sky on jetpacks and firing rockets at anything that gets in their way. And then there are some of us that wish for more simple things, like becoming a towering, invincible behemoth with the power to demolish entire villages with a belly flop.

Welcome to Giants: Citizen Kabuto, where gamers can have their cake, eat it, and mash it into an unrecognizable pulp.

An Island Unto Itself
The entire game of Giants takes place on what is simply known as The Island, a mere fragment of a planet hurtling through space. The majority of The Island is covered in water, within which dwells the Sea Reaper race. Able to swim swiftly and wielding powerful magic, this all-female race, along with their male subordinates, ruled The Island with an iron fist. In the height of their power, they created what they thought would be the ultimate defense againt any who dared intrude: a gigantic, fearsome creature capable of mass destruction named Kabuto.

Unfortunately for them, something went very wrong. Kabuto was too powerful for even the Reapers to control, and he went berserk, killing off many Reapers and scattering them into the seas. He then stomped off to contemplate his own pain and loneliness, something gigantic, fearsome creatures are often known to do.

Time passed, and a new leader, Queen Sappho, arose to lead the Sea Reapers. Like half the Queens in Disney movies, Sappho is a wicked queen who ruthlessly does whatever it takes to gain power for her people, with her ultimate goal being the reclaimation of The Island. To aid her in her quest, she creates a daughter out of the elements and names her Delphi. Delphi, however, refuses to subscribe to her mother's evil practices, and wishes fervently for someone from the Outside to help her find an alternative.

As luck would have it, a group of aliens known as the Meccaryns happens to be vacationing at The Island. Not necessarily by choice, mind you, as their trip began with their ship being swallowed, digested, and ejected by a rather large Gibbon Fish. Being fond of beer and even fonder of women, the Meccs decide to make the best of things and do some exploring while their ship undergoes repairs. To help them, they bring along exploration suits, laser guns, and other such toys that technologically advanced races seem to tote around with them. This is lucky for them, as they're going to need these high-tech playthings if they're going to survive Queen Sappho, Kabuto, and the war going on between the two.

As the saying goes, one Island isn't big enough for the three of them.


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