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Publisher: Gathering of Developers    Genre: Simulation    Expansion For:
Min OS X: Not Supported    CPU: 601 @ 132 MHz    RAM: 16 MB    Hard Disk: 220 MB    Graphics: 800x600 @ 256 Colors

Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century
June 30, 2000 | Jason Sims

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The Second Century is an expansion pack for Railroad Tycoon II, an intricate strategy game that you either love, hate or haven't played. On that note, let me come out and make my point right away: if you're a fan of Railroad Tycoon II, you will enjoy The Second Century. If not, it won't change your mind about the game; those who did not appreciate Railroad Tycoon II need not read any further. If you haven't yet played Railroad Tycoon II, be sure to check out our review and the demo.

Unlike a lot of game expansion packs, The Second Century is not just "more of the same." The scenarios in the original Railroad Tycoon II took place between 1830-1930 and the main focus of the game was to run the most profitable company and to amass the greatest personal wealth. In The Second Century, you are presented with much more specific and challenging goals that really put your tycoon skills to the test.

The new campaign consists of 18 scenarios split into three chapters. The first chapter drops you into World War II, with critical missions to connect distant cities and move around troops and supplies. Time is limited and additional obstacles such as the destruction of your track by enemy bombing come into play.

Chapter two takes place in the Cold War era (1950-1990), adding a new twist: setting up mass transit "Metra" systems for inter-city transportation. Metra scenarios are quite different from traditional RT2 levels, placing the game on an entirely different scale and introducing several new types of challenges and obstacles.


Archives  Reviews  Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century