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Publisher: A Sharp    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: Not Supported    CPU: 601    RAM: 24 MB    2x CD-ROM    Graphics: 640x480 @ 16-bit

King of Dragon Pass
August 8, 2000 | Glenn Goldberg

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For thousands of years, your people lived peacefully with the dragons of Dragon Pass. Then one day, the dragons turned on your people and ate the warriors, the elders, the clansmen, and, basically, everyone that wasn’t nailed down. Dragon Pass became a cursed land.

Now, 200 years later, a bloody civil war sweeps through your country and your clan must flee. There is only one place you can go that you know you will not be followed: Dragon Pass.

Your people have settled into the new land. Now is the time for you to lead your clan onto better things. Can you gather the peoples of Dragon Pass together? Can you form an invincible tribe? Can you become the King of Dragon Pass?

King of Dragon Pass (KoDP) is a strategy/role-playing/interactive story game based on the Heroquest RPG system. In the game, you take on the role of the clan leader of the Orlanthi, a group of "Bronze Age" people living in a time of gods and magic. Your job is to pull the people together, form a tribe and become king. You do this by managing resources, forging alliances, fighting wars and performing quests to gain magic and power.

The installation is simple; there is none. The game can be run directly off of the CD. If you prefer better performance (but not that great a difference) you can drag the KoDP folder onto you hard drive. It only takes up about 42 MB.

The manual is a dense 63 pages. In it you will find everything from how it all works together to where your clan resides in the cosmos. You had best be ready to spend some time curled up with the documentation because, although you can play without reading it, your games will be very short and will end unhappily. Keep the manual and the reference card handy. I found myself referring to them quite frequently (It is quite difficult to remember what each of the 17 gods protects.).

There are some omissions to the manual but overall, the writers did a very adequate job.


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