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Publisher: Ubisoft    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: G3 @ 233 MHz    RAM: 64 MB    Hard Disk: 200 MB    4x CD-ROM    Graphics: 640x480 @ 16-bit

Myst III: Exile
June 13, 2001 | Michael Phillips

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The Ages of Exile
Exile features some of the most beautifully rendered game worlds Iíve ever seen. Each Age is uniquely stunning in its own way. From the dark corridors of Voltaic to the majestic creatures of Edanna, your jaw will hit the floor many times.

Home to Atrus, Catherine and their baby daughter, Yeesha, Tomahna is a lovely oasis amidst a sprawling desert landscape. Atrus enjoys the peace of Tomahna for writing new Ages.

The game begins in Tomahna; it is where you first meet Catherine, Yeesha, Atrus and the villain.

A stunningly beautiful island, Jínanin features towering cliffs, strange tusk-like formations and a lovely freshwater caldera. Exileís villain has done most of his planning on Jínanin, his quarters are quite disturbing.

Exiles first puzzles are located in Jínanin, they must be solved in order to access the linking books to the gameís other Ages. These introductory puzzles are definite confidence builders.

Home to some of Atrusí most ingenious inventions, Amateria is a gadget lovers dream. Surrounded by an endless black sea, this age has a very Eastern look.

Amateria is the first age I finished, its puzzles are very fun and very challenging. In fact, Amateria contains the famed math related puzzle that nearly drove me to toss my Cinema Display across my study.

Possibly inspired by the use of hallucinogens, Edanna is a massive inward growing tree that harbors a vast and extremely exotic ecosystem. Many strange, yet hauntingly beautiful creatures make their home in this Age.

Edannaís puzzles are VERY challenging due to their sheer oddity. There are no mechanical devices in Edanna, each puzzle involves manipulating various plant and animal life. Edanna is extraordinarily beautiful, but also wickedly challenging.

Voltaic is a harsh, wind blown world. Desert and rocky cliffs reach as far as the eye can see, save a few mysterious, industrial looking constructions. Why were these buildings created in such a desolate place? What secrets do they hide?

Voltaic is the polar opposite of Edanna; it is very dark, very harsh and very industrial. Voltaicís puzzles are highly challenging, yet quite enjoyable.


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