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Publisher: MacSoft    Genre: Sports
Min OS X: Not Supported    CPU: 601 @ 120 MHz    RAM: 128 MB

Links LS 2000
February 2, 2001 | Michael Phillips

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Links LS 2000 promises to deliver beautifully rendered outdoor scenes and a realistic golfing experience. So, is it a hole in one or a triple bogie? Read on for more answers and bad puns. Ok, ok, I’ll keep the puns at a minimum, but I promise a par 5 worth of information.

Gameplay: Easy, a tad harder & frickin’ insane!
We’ll start with gameplay because even the most visually stunning game can be ruined due to poor gameplay. LS 2K has 3 distinct ways in which players take control of their digital golfers, Easy Swing, 2 or 3 Click (Classic) Swing and PowerShot. Easy Swing is pretty much what the name implies, easy. Imagine being able to tee off near flawlessly every time, that’s the power of Easy Swing. A player simply clicks on the mini map to set an aiming marker and then on a big golf ball at the bottom of the screen to set their shot’s power. Now, that doesn’t mean shooting straight into a fierce crosswind will yield a perfect fairway landing. Thus, when using Easy Swing, one still has to compensate for wind conditions and awkward terrain or ball placement. Even Alice Cooper wouldn’t be able to drive straight through a tree on Easy Swing.

Classic Swing can be done via either the 2 or 3 click method. The 2 click method involves clicking & holding on the big golf ball mentioned previously until the circular power meter hits the 12 o’ clock position in order to set shot power. Upon releasing the mouse button, the power meter begins moving backward. Finally, the mouse button is clicked once more when the power meter returns to the 6 o’ clock position in order to set shot accuracy. Stopping too early or too late at either end of the meter will cause wicked, throw your golf bag into the nearest water hazard, break your 1 wood over your caddy’s head shots.

Lastly, is the PowerShot swing type. PowerShot encompasses just about EVERY aspect of actual golf, from clubface angles, to a golfer’s heel to toe position. For me, PowerShot is far too complicated. I don’t like spending 6 hours lining up 1 shot, but I understand how it could be enjoyable for diehard golfers. Aside from all these wild and wacky swing types, the user interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate. Overall, gameplay in LS 2K is simple to learn, but hard to master.


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