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Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.7

Borderlands 2
June 2, 2013 | IMG Staff

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Find Sir Hammerlock
Written by Salil Parekh


Mac OS X: 10.7.5, 10.8.2 |†CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo | RAM: 4 GB | HD Space: 13 GB | Graphics: 256 MB, (ATI): Radeon HD 2600; (NVidia): GeForce 8800


Call of Duty is a brilliant FPS title. Deeply involving, and immersive, itís an adrenaline rush. But if you want to have fun, enter Borderlands 2. Borderlands, released back in 2009, was a colorful violent frenzy of bullets and gore. Borderlands 2 ups the ante further. Ported to the Mac by Aspyr, this Gearbox Software title is fast paced, and deranged. With a wide array of customizable weapons and co-op multiplayer, it is dangerously addicting. Borderlands 2, with its unique graphics and gameplay, is geared toward fun, not realism. Enemies are now much smarter and they arenít playing around. In the last edition, there were up to 17.75 million types of gun configurations. Theyíre a lot more options this time around. Borderlands 2 picks up the story 5 years after the events of the first installment, and itís a lot more brutal this time around.


5 years after the first installment, there have been some changes in the Borderlands. The Vaultís opening triggered the growth of a rare element called ĎEridiumí. This attracted the attention of the Hyperion Corporation, which uncovered the presence of an even greater Vault. Handsome Jack, a member of the Hyperion Corporation, uses the priceless element to take control of the corporation, and Pandora itself, and is in search of the bigger Vault. The Vault hunters are also hot on their trail, when a trap laid by Handsome Jack kills all but one of them. Hereís where you step in and choose which character you play with.

Borderlands 2 combines elements of role-playing games along with first person shooter, so as you play you gain skill points which you can use to upgrade your abilities, and money to buy ammo and guns. The wide variety of customization options means that the nitty gritties of the game are brought into focus, forcing players to think strategically in terms of strengths and weaknesses for the mission at hand.

As the last remaining survivor of the vault hunters you follow a service bot named Claptrap, who will lead you to kill Handsome Jack. Immediately, youíre back in the routine, fighting off Psychos and Bullymongs. As you fight, complete missions, collect items, and gain experience you level up and face tougher monsters and enemies. Multiplayer via Steam is actually integrated into single player. So, you can blast monsters with your friends now. However, the greater the number of players the more difficult the missions become, and vice versa. But there really isnít much more fun to be had than playing co-op with your friends in Pandora. There isnít any competitive multiplayer, which means that you canít fight against your friends. This is a glaring omission, and the game somehow remains incomplete. Gearbox constantly updates Borderlands 2, but this means that Aspyr has to play catch up and so, while the Mac and PC versions are out of sync, cross platform multiplayer is disabled. This can be very frustrating for Mac users.

But thereís no denying the fact that Borderlands 2 is one of the best games out there, and promises hours of fun at a time.


One of the more prominent features of Borderlands 2 are its unique, brightly contrasting, technicolour graphics, which reek of a devil-may-care attitude toward gaming. Thereís no need to be serious here. Loosen up and have fun. The crazy, cartoon-ish graphics make Borderlands so much more fun to play than Call of Duty. The explosions, gunfire, and characters in the game make it seem like an interactive graphic novel. The eccentric and quirky presentation makes a huge impact on the atmosphere of the game and how you play it. Gearbox has done a great job. To sum up then, Borderlands 2 is a lot like Call of Duty, but on acid.


Sounds go hand in hand with graphics, and Gearbox hasnít missed a step. You can distinctly feel the 3D surround sound, and the background noises have been brilliantly executed to immerse the player in the game. The background music is fast paced, and it eggs you on, urging you to play like a madman. Conversely, the menu music is strangely calming and smooth. You really do feel as if you were roaming an alien planet while playing Borderlands 2.


Available for $39.99, Borderlands 2 is a good value, and as it was released less than a year ago, itís not that old either. Itís got a huge online community, and infinite replay value. It is a big game, and with Gearbox issuing updates, and add-ons constantly, you wonít ever get bored. An assured future classic, this one.


Itís always great to see big titles come to the Mac, and Borderlands 2 is one of the very best. Iím not a very keen FPS player, but I instantly warmed up to Borderlands, and was hooked. Iíd definitely recommend this over Call of Duty, as its just so much more fun to play. The mega graphics and crazy gameplay turns the definition of FPS on its head. Itís a masterstroke, and Iím addicted to it. There really is no higher praise than that.


ē Well thought out gameplay
ē Brilliant graphics and sound
ē Endless customization


ē Lack of competitive multiplayer
ē Mismatch in Mac and PC versions

Borderlands 2
Mac Version: Aspyr Media
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