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Genre: Strategy & War    Expansion For: Civilization V
Min OS X: 10.6

Civilization V: Korea
January 3, 2012 | Andrew Lennox

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A Few Cities Must Fall In Order To Secure Korean Victory


Must have Civilization V installed in order to use this additional content


Although in recent memory most of the world regards Korea in light of the separation and conflict between North and South, the civilization's history marks it as one of the more advanced societies on the planet. In the Civilization and Scenario Pack: Korea DLC for Civilization V, Aspyr Media and Firaxis give Mac gamers the option to play as the Korean civilization and show that it can stand the test of time.

Sejong the Great is the role players will step into when choosing the Korean civilization. The sovereign leader ruled over the Choson Dynasty of Korea and its large populace. What made Sejong unique from others was his patriotism to his country’s people and his efforts to expand the science and technology of his nation. It has also been said that he had a major influence in creating the modern day Korean script. Because of his skills and foresight Sejong the Great was a brilliant leader, and therefore most appropriate in representing the Korean Empire in Civilization V.

As with any Civilization in this game, each comes with a special ability. For Korea this special ability is called Scholars of the Jade Hall. The special aids development in Science and Technology. All Great Person tile improvements gain science at a much faster rate then other civilizations. Also, every science related building constructed will give your civilization a “tech-boost,” pushing you along the Research and Development tree quickly. While many will be satisfied by the normal rate of technologies being discovered, the rate at which the Koreans unlock new technologies will leave all the competition behind.

A quick growing civilization must also include a strong military if it wants to survive. One of Korea's new units is the Hwatch’a. This catapult-like apparatus is a great advantage against your enemies. While most of your neighbors are still throwing rocks and sticks, you'll have the ability to fire rockets at them. It's very fun and satisfying to see your “not-so-friendly leader-friends” cower in fear as you slowly take back your land.

Another more powerful unit available only to the Koreans is the Turtle ship. This replacement for the Caravel produces a great attack against the pirates of the sea, while still remaining a great exploration unit early on in the game. The unit especially excels in range attacks and defense. Therefore, I thought it was great for guarding a coastline as well.

Like with previous Civilization DLC Packs, this Korean pack also includes a scenario based on the tensions between the Asian empires many years ago. The scenario makes specific reference to the attempted invasion of Korea by the Japanese. You can play as Japan or China as the invading sides, or you can play as Korea defending your land. With two civilizations attacking Korea at once it may become very difficult to succeed, but with the right moves and strategy in place you can overcome your enemies and claim victory. As an added bonus, if you do lose all your cities as the Korean side, you have the ability to fight as a guerrilla in the mountains and slowly take your homeland back.


There are many civilizations to choose from on the original list. From those choices alone it is easy to get lost with all the cool ancient civilizations and the awesome westerners. This makes it easy to forget about the Asian civilizations and how they offer a fantastic experience as well. With the addition of Korea to the mix, and its invasion type scenario, we can rediscover the might of the Asian empires, all for the low price of $5.99 USD.


• Good expansion of Asian Civilizations
• Great emphasis on Science and Technology
• Fantastic integration with other Asian empires


• Scenario wasn’t as difficult as other scenarios

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Civilization V: Korea
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