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Genre: Action
Min OS X: 10.6

The Darkness II
April 26, 2012 | Jon Carr

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Fair Firefight
Level loading is cleverly disguised by narrations from Jackie on past and present events, thoughts on himself and his family or Jenny. It's all fantastic and there are some truly great lines from Jackie as he contemplates The Darkness itself and the very nature of what he's become. It's so smoothly implemented you don't even notice as you transition from mission to mission.

The Darkness 2's story and characters are enthralling. It's a shame the main story only lasts about 6 hours. You can play again with a + game, retaining all your skills and essence, allowing you to max out all the skill trees. While that could be fun, another run of the game with the predictable enemy AI is a less thrilling idea. Were the game to have more dynamic encounters, this would be an easy choice. As it stands, it's more something interesting, rather than being compelling.

Should you be interested in the Vendetta maps, however, you can squeeze a few more hours at least out of the game. These can be played solo offline, or online with up to 3 other players. You can pick one of 4 diverse and odd characters who inexplicably have some darkness related powers or essence in them as well. These missions take place concurrently to the main story, though are not integral to it. Each character has a special weapon such as a sword, axe, shotgun or voodoo staff. They all have their own skill trees and singular darkness power to use. All of them are fun to play, though certainly less diverse than Jackie himself. The missions prove to be fun both by yourself and with others, and are certainly worth checking out with anyone who enjoyed the main story.

All said and done The Darkness 2 is a rather fun violent action romp married with an excellent story and characters. There's a perverse and twisted story on display here that's well worth experiencing given how well it's told. You care about Jackie, Jenny and even some of the thugs you employ. The Brotherhood is an extremely villainous foe, perhaps a touch over the top, but still engaging. The game's only real fault is being too short. It's so good you want more. The AI could use some work, but the variety of enemies make them fun to shoot at anyway. If you are the kind of gamer who has cash to spare, you should definitely get this right away. If you are more discerning about price to hour value then I would advise waiting for the price to go down as $50 is pretty steep for the short campaign and limited multiplayer. But whether you get this now or later, it's a game any shooter fan will not want to miss.


• Intense and violent action
• Great story and dialogue
• Excellent voice acting and audio effects
• Skill trees give some diversity to gameplay


• Short campaign
• Predictable enemy AI
• Pricey for what you get

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The Darkness II
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