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Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: 10.6

Civilization V: Denmark & The Vikings
January 3, 2012 | Andrew Lennox

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Attacking From The Sea


Must have Civilization V installed in order to use this additional content


The Vikings. The frightening gang of thugs who terrorized Europe during the mid 8th to 11th centuries. They are most well known for raiding villages and towns in the fight for more land in their expanding empire. While they are seen mostly as tyrants and disorganized barbarians, it is hard not to see their clever military tactics in claiming territory. From this idea alone we can see that the Vikings were a vital people who started to shape the rest of Europe, thus showing us why Fireaxis decided to add the society to Civilization V in the Denmark & The Vikings DLC pack (brought to Mac by Aspyr Media).

The Viking leader that you play in this DLC pack is Harald Bluetooth. He is a fierce and strong leader of the Vikings during the years 920 – 986. Of this long period he served as leader for 30 years. In these years his reign extended over Denmark and Norway as they united to form an interconnected kingdom. He managed to prevent invasions of neighbouring military in Sweden and Germany. Through his service protecting and defending his people Harald Bluetooth is viewed today as a great leader of his time.

If you choose to follow the Viking civilization in your game, you will obtain the special ability called “Viking Fury”. This ability gives you extra vision as a naval unit. This may seam similar to the Polynesian civilization but it also comes with another perk which allows your ground units to pay less when moving from sea to land. So, if you want to storm the shores of a rival continent quickly, these perks will help you advance at a much faster rate.

As with many of the other civilizations you also have some special military units for overpowering your enemies. One of those being the Berserker. This replacement for the longswordsman is an excellent medieval unit on the ground and is best kept closer to home just in case a rival civilization wants to take a piece of your land. Also, an added bonus of this unit is that the amphibious upgrade is already applied. This means that fighting over a river won’t penalize you, giving you a makeshift wall of sorts against your enemies that you can break down at any time. It's an awesome ability to have which, in turn, can have devastating effects on your foes.

Besides the barbarian slaughtering Berserker you are also given another unique and, quite frankly, weird military unit. This odd addition is the Norwegian Ski Infantry, an alternative to the Riflemen. Yes, you read right. They’re like normal infantry, but on skis. And also Norwegian. I was skeptical on how this unit would pan out in the real world, I mean the Civilization battlefield. They are supposed to be especially good on snow and ice. While most games I get into don’t have any ice or snow in them, when I do find these areas the units become very handy. While such regions don’t tend to be very useful for cities they can turn into a good “last-resort” city which you can fill with Ski Infantry and further down the technology line, bombers and airports. It can be a great strategic advantage and, with this unit available to you, it makes the strategy an even greater possibility.

The military enhancements keep coming. As an added bonus each of your military units have the option to pillage a tile without any cost to movement. The action destroys a person's tile improvement. While it does seem silly to waste your time destroying other people’s property, it can cause a negative effect to your enemies. So, if you don’t succeed in battle you can at least tamper with there luxury resources and cut off their trade routes.

The last part of this pack that is of any significance is the scenario, called “1066: The Year of Viking Destiny”. The objective is to complete the Domesday Book National wonder in England’s capital, London, by the end of the game. In order to do this you must construct the 6 Domesday Shire Courts in the surrounding English cities to show your dominance in the region. To add to this challenge all social policies and technologies are disabled. Also, you are always at war with your rivals. Quite a handful at face value, however with the might of your civilization, and the help of the enemy’s enemy, it is possible to become victorious.


At first I questioned the relevance of the Vikings in the family of Civilization V DLC packs. With the combination of great perks, military units and a challenging scenario, I now see that this DLC is one of the best in class. And for the price of $5.99 USD, quite a bargain as well. That being said, I do wish they provided more for this pack in the end.


• A different perspective on Vikings
• Great Special Units
• Challenging Scenario


• Could have gone further

Civilization V: Denmark & The Vikings
Mac Version: Aspyr Media
Developer: Firaxis Games
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