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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.5

November 30, 2011 | Andrew Lennox

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Mac OS X: 10.5 | CPU: Intel Processor


OIO is a game produced by Uncanny Games which takes the classic platformer and puts it in a new perspective. Many decades ago a game for the Nintendo platform, Super Mario, dominated this space and nothing could take it down. Recently, independent developers have started to inch their way into this genre. With games such as Braid and Little Big Planet we can see that with a couple of tweaks designers can come up with a new platformer, one which is differentiated enough from the king of platformers to become a great game. Does OIO play well enough to be considered a part of this revolution?

Graphics / Presentation:

The graphics were amazing! For such a simple platformer OIO does not fail to impress. The artistic indie title vibe really fits well with the whole game. It doesnít feel over the top and doesnít sacrifice other elements. With fine details in the puddles and the great backdrop of the story happening around you, OIO shows great ďall roundĒ performance. The menu system itself is very handsome and easy to use. Also, with the instructions for controls projected on the floor, I canít imagine anyone struggling to work out how to play the game.


Like the graphics the sound quality is superb. The sound effects were spot on. Everything made sense and there was no real disruption of the music going from level to level, just an ease into each scenario. The soundtrack itself was nothing short of fantastic as well. The menu gave a sort of electronic vibe, which was a little odd at first, but when I first started a new game it subtly changed into a piano ballad for the first cut scene, then into a combination of xylophones and water droplets. I canít think of any other game which switches from so many genres so easily without missing a beat. Every song feels real and as if it is meant to be there. Nothing feels disjointed or obscure. It's a really well done sound track.

Story Line:

You are placed in the shoes of OIO, a wooden figurine trapped in a strange world and unable to break free. When you awaken you realize all your fellow wooden people are petrified. Success requires exploring the broken universe, solving many puzzles, and platforming your way to freedom for yourself and your friends.


With the previous two aspects of the game getting two thumbs up you would think that the gameplay would be amazing as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite measure up. That is not to say itís bad, it's just not my taste. If I want to play a real platformer I expect it to have quick moving controls and to be fast paced, like Super Mario. OIO is not that type of game. It's slow, and simple things such as moving are quite difficult at times.

However, the fact that I am comparing it to Super Mario probably is not giving the game the treatment it deserves. It doesnít matter what platformer you put next to Super Mario, Super Mario always wins. So, with that in mind, the controls arenít as bad as they may seem at first. They remind me of how Little Big Planet plays on the PS3. And that isnít entirely a bad thing.

When you progress to the second level you are introduced to your character being able to shoot seeds to produce a branch growing from the ground. This allows you to climb higher and get over obstacles. This gameplay element allows OIO to move beyond being just an artsy platformer. It's a welcome addition and gives each level an extra layer of fun.


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