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Publisher: Pangea Software    Genre: Sports
Min OS X: Not Supported    CPU: G3 @ 233 MHz    RAM: 64 MB

Cro-Mag Rally
January 3, 2001 | Patrick Leyden

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What would have prehistoric humans done if they possessed cars? This question has been asked and answered by many outlets of the popular media over the years. But while children's animation may have not given us a definitive answer and The History Channel has remained suspiciously quiet on the subject, Pangea Software may have uncovered the truth. Pangea's latest game is entitled Cro-Mag Rally, and it seems to offer an answer to the question: What would have prehistoric people done if they had cars? They would have raced them.

Cro-Mag Rally is a 3D racing game, which offers players both single player and multi player racing action. There are a variety of exotic locations to explore and a number of crazy vehicles to compete with. With its solid gameplay elements, its eye-popping 3D images and its rich layer of music and sound effects, Cro-Mag Rally adds a welcomed new subcategory to the recently expanding Mac racing genre.

Solo Gameplay
Cro-Mag Rally is a unique racer for the Macintosh since it does not rely traditional auto racing standards such as Formula-1 or Stock Car racing. Instead, Cro-Mag Rally is a go-kart racing game. Fans of racing video games should be very familiar with this genre. Nearly every cute character that has ever been licensed as a video game property has had a kart racing game. Interest in kart racing really can be traced back to Nintendo's release of Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Since then, kart racing games have gone from being an interesting and fun twist on the typical racing title to being a type of racing game as tired as Reality TV shows. Cro-Mag Rally avoids this stigma of being overdone since not only is this the first major kart racing game for the Mac but it also happens to be a well-executed kart racing game.

The game is playable from a first or third-person perspective, depending on your preference. The single player experience consists of a Practice Mode, where players can get the feel of the various cars and tracks, and a Tournament Mode. It is in the Tournament Mode where the true meat of the single player experience can be found. There are nine tracks in the Tournament, spread across three historical ages; the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. In order to advance through the stages, the player must not only win the race (or place in the top three racers on the lower difficulty level) but also collect eight arrowheads that are scattered throughout each track. The added requirement of besting not only the other racers but also collecting these arrowheads makes Cro-Mag Rally a surprisingly challenging game.


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