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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: Intel @ 1500 MHz    RAM: 256 MB    Hard Disk: 200 MB

Din's Curse
October 22, 2010 | Ted Bade

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Character Stats
Leave the dungeon to sell items or complete a quest, and the critters will repopulate to annoy you once you return. The dungeons also appear to be randomized. You might go in to find some items (like mushrooms) for a person in the town, only to find that none exist within. To find the items you may have to leave and return again. The dungeons (or caves), are filled with other hazards as well. You need to avoid poisonous gas clouds, pools of dangerous stuff, and hope you donít bump into areas where the ceiling collapses on you! Caves can be fragile!

You start in one town with a series of caves below it, and once you complete that area you move to another town with its own series of caves, tasks, and issues. Wherever your character is in this game you will receive messages about things happening back in the town This is especially important if you are trying to complete a task that involves interacting with a traveling vendor since you need to get back to town to complete the interaction before he leaves. You will also hear about attacks on the town that require that you take some action.

Typical for this type of game, you find gear, some of which you can use, some you cannot. Some gear offers magically enhanced abilities. Determining which item works best for your character is an important aspect of Dinís Curse. As you progress through the game, the monsters and the battles become more and more difficult and hopefully your character has progressed enough to be able to deal with this. To aid you in your battles is a nice feature called the Bestiary. This section of your character information keeps track of the ďbeastsĒ you have encountered and contains information about them.

Death is inevitable, when it happens you lose some experience points. You can reduce this penalty by returning to where you died and regaining your ďSoul StoneĒ. Healing your character is pretty standard. Eating is inexpensive but slow. Potions cost more but are fast. There are healing altars in the caves and there is one near the god Din in the town. When you do return to town, be sure to heal up.

Din's Curse offers a cooperative play option. You can play with other people who own the game. You can play over a local network or over the Internet. You can create a server or you can join another server. There are options for locating servers in various parts of the US and the world. I didnít manage to find any online as I worked on this review. The game offers options for text chatting with other players, no voice. I think cooperative play would be a lot more fun.

Sound effects in this game are okay, but basic. I found it annoying when at the start menu or during the character creation screen that the characters on the screen are active jumping about and attacking things, with all the combat sounds. Very distracting. Game graphics have the look and feel of older games: a bit blocky and less sharp them we have come to expect.

Overall, the game play is good. It is challenging and the levels of complexity will appeal to players who like to really dig into a gameís development system. Dinís Curse would appeal more to hard core RPGers then to casual players. I personally feel that the lower level of graphics, and the complexity of the gaming system detract from the total fun factor of this game. If you have the time to dig into the gameís system, Dinís Curse can be a lot of fun and will keep you busy for a good long time. Definitely worth a look, especially for hard core RPGers.

Din's Curse
Developer: Soldak Entertainment
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