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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.4

Tales of Monkey Island
June 7, 2010 | Ted Bade

Mac OS X: 10.5 | CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
(not recommended for Macs with integrated graphics)

Tales of Monkey Island from Telltale Games is the latest installment of the ďMonkey IslandĒ graphic adventure game series. There are five separate adventures included in this package, which is being billed as an ďAn Epic Adventure, in Five Parts.Ē As with the first Monkey Island game, these adventures are entertaining in a silly kind of way, never taking themselves too seriously, but always offering a lot of fun. For some light hearted and silly adventure action, take a closer look at this Monkey Island series.

In this very graphical adventure game, you control the main character, Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate (as he tells you as often as possible). The tale begins with Guybrush trying to save his wife Elaine from the evil voodoo pirate LeChuck. Guybrush has acquired an instrument that might defeat the pirate LeChuck, but as can be expected, something goes wrong. Threepwood stops the evil voodoo pirate, but releases a voodoo pox into the world that affects pirates, making them crazier then normal at times. It is then up to Guybrush to find a way to save the world from the evil pox by finding the La Esponja Grande!

I donít want to provide too much detail of this story, as learning about what to do is part of the adventure. Letís just say that a lot of crazy things happen, several interesting and sometimes devious characters are introduced, and Guybrush is kept very busy wandering around, saving people, interacting with or fighting pirates, and finding the clues necessary to complete this pentology of games.

As with most games of this genre, your job is essentially to wander around, with a sharp eye, investigating the landscape and picking up anything you can. Itís important to speak with anyone you meet, since you will often gain valuable knowledge. Also, some of the steps necessary to completing the game arenít set into motion until you speak with the right character or see the right item. There are times when you will need to go back to certain characters a few times to set off events or to gain new information. While the game isnít necessarily linear, there is an order in which certain events must take place. This fact is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of a game like this. If you donít happen to pick up item A, when you speak with character 1, you wonít know there is something he will have you do when you do get it. It is also a good idea to keep track of places you have explored, and what you found there. Most objects that have a name, have a purpose.

Sometimes the actions one must do are quite convoluted! This is especially true with the Monkey Island. While sometimes the next step is obvious, this is not always the case. Some objects must be combined to make a new object needed for a step. I found myself sometimes resorting to trying every possible combination I could think of, then still not seeing a solution. Luckily, there is always someone who has spent the time to figure it all out and put it together as a text file available somewhere on the Internet! For this game, even the companyís website offers a walk through.


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