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Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: G5

Multiwinia: Survival Of The Flattest
March 17, 2009 | Franklin Pride

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Turrets Are Fun
Blitzkrieg is like the onslaught mode from Unreal Tournament. You capture various nodes around the map in order to clear the way to your opponents' bases and capture their node in order to eliminate them. It sounds straightforward, but, like in rocket riot, it gets really frantic and entertaining in larger games. It does tend to result in stalemated armies, though, as the number of troops is usually static.

However, there is a major problem with Multiwinia's multiplayer. You have to wait forever to get a big game started. At peak time, you'll usually find around twenty people playing, and they're usually in games already. Most of those people will just start another game with who they were playing with already, so you end up waiting for ages just to get a game with a human started. You could play with computers, but you might as well play single-player if you end up doing that.

The graphics have remained pretty static since the original Darwinia. The darwinians are 2D stick figures that glide around the map, the particle effects mostly consist of beautiful explosions and sparkles, and everything else is rendered in simplistic 3D. It's a pretty cohesive style and it looks really good if you're not looking for the "next-gen" brown found in most of the recent big-ticket titles.

The sound and... ambiance has also remained very loyal. All of the sounds of the original game are present, and it can get absolutely terrifying when you're focusing on the front line, get a notification of an infection outbreak, and hear the sounds of dying darwinians and infected from your back line. The background ambiance from Darwinia is also in Multiwinia. The tunes help set the mood of the digital world and never distract from the gameplay.

Overall, Multiwinia is loyal to Darwinia in everything except what counts. It looks like Darwinia, it sounds like Darwinia, but it doesn't play like Darwinia at all. Fans of the original will more than likely enjoy its simplicity anyway, but most people will probably find it a big disappointment. If the developers had stuck with the tried-and-true formula from the original, Multiwinia would have been so much better. In the end, if you're a fan of the original, you'll probably be willing to pay the $19 just for another game in the same universe. If you're looking for an excellent strategy game, though, you probably should look elsewhere. Multiwinia is straightforward, but it's way too simple.

• Easy to learn
• Good graphics and audio
• Interesting game modes

• Too simple
• Unbalanced crates
• Players are rare in multiplayer

Multiwinia: Survival Of The Flattest
Mac Version: Ambrosia Software
Developer: Introversion Software
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