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Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: Intel @ 2000 MHz    RAM: 512 MB    Hard Disk: 2000 MB    Graphics: 1024x768 @ 32-bit

February 19, 2009 | Ted Bade

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FusionFall is yet another Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) directed at the adolescent to young adult crowd. The world of FusionFall is based on the Cartoon Network™ world, filled with its characters, heroes and villains. Like most MMOGs you interact with game characters, complete tasks for them, and can interact and team with other players. It can be a lot of fun.

Being an online game, there is a cost. The free version lets you play the game with some restrictions. While one can enjoy a lot of this game using the free version, if you pay you get more of the world to explore, more abilities, and a lot more things to do while playing. Luckily, the cost of the full version isn’t tremendous. It ranges from $6/month with discounts for longer periods ending in $50/year. A monthly priced family account gives a family four accounts for $10/month.

FusionFall plays in a browser window. This is not necessarily a good thing. I am going to make the brash assumption that in the Windows world, this game has better browser window functionality. For Mac players, options are limited. The game does play okay using Safari. However, you are limited to a less then full screen window. Being a fan of World of Warcraft, I enjoy interacting with that world using all of my 22 inch LCD monitor. I am forced to play FusionFall in a significantly smaller window. The settings section in the game show preferences allowing for larger sized playing windows, but they didn’t work.

My interaction with FusionFall using FireFox was terrible. Most of the site’s web pages wouldn’t load or would appear only when I moused over the black space. I couldn’t get a game window open at all. I tried both with the “turn pop up windows off” button off and with the FusionFall address as an exception to not allowing popup windows. Since I normally use Safari I didn’t pursue trying to make FireFox work.

Even with these browser issues, playing the game can be fun. There are two parts to FusionFall. In part one you fall into the future. Your essential mission in the future is to repair the time machine so your can return to the past (your normal time). In the second part, you return to the past to continue the battle against the Fusion Fall.

Before you start playing, you must build a character. Fusion Fall has a fun character generator allowing the player to change various aspects of clothing, body shapes, hair styles, and other features of your avatar. Since this game is geared toward adolescents, the clothing and styles are what are popular with this crowd. You can spend a lot of time exploring the detailed character feature process. The free version lets you create two avatars, you can have four if you pay.

Once you create your avatar, you are accidentally teleported to the future. There you interact with game characters who introduce you to movement, navigation, combat, and performing tasks. Control of the game is through a combination of your keyboard and mouse.

The introduction gets the player familiar with controlling the avatar, provides him or her with the first weapon, the first quest, and a first Nano (a special power up described below). Once this initial introduction is complete, you enter the first part of the game, “the future”.

The game world is a series of communities connected with roads and bridges and separated by deep chasms. The topography of this world is futuristic suburban. Houses, stores, parks, and play grounds connected with asphalt roads. Scattered throughout are the forces of the FusionFall: monsters of various types, pools of toxic sludge, and hidden entrances to Fusion Lairs. You begin at a Cartoon Network outpost. This outpost and others like it are safe from immediate attack and provide quest givers, shop keepers, transportation means, and other game necessities. Not to mention the hundreds of other players all running this way and that.


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