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Publisher: Mousechief    Genre: Adventure & RPG
Min OS X: 10.3    CPU: G3 @ 400 MHz    RAM: 256 MB    Hard Disk: 30 MB    Graphics: 800x600 @ 32-bit

Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble
March 31, 2009 | Joseph Cadotte

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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble is an ambitious attempt to transfer the style of an old board game onto the Mac. Ultimately, it is a somewhat enjoyable role playing game, but does not really succeed in its attempt to be a board game. While it's graphics are nice, they aren't stellar, and the game never really measures up to its ambitions.

DHSGT attempts to mimic the mechanics of a board game. The characters and events in play are represented by tokens which are mostly appropriate, such as a billy club for the truant officer and a can being kicked around for young layabouts.

In the first level, you pick your character (queen) from a pool of high school girls who are, I'm assuming, dangerous. Then you wander around the school picking up other team members (you can have up to three). Different team members have different abilities and can engage in different challenges, although you will be using your queen more than not. Each girl can also acquire a boyfriend who protects her. As the game goes on, each girl will likely have many different boyfriends and your team will likely change several times.

Each character in the game, both playable and non, has four attributes (glamor, rebellion, popularity, and savvy) which relate to four different types of challenges (fib, expose, taunt, and gambit respectively). The challenges, along with the flirtation game whereby you pick up boys, take place in mini-games, some of which are pure luck, others are pure logic, some in between. When a member of your team defeats a challenge, she gains experience. WIth enough experience, the team member will be able to level up and add a rank to one of her attributes. Because, with each encounter, only some members can perform specific challenge types, it is important to try to use all the girls equally. In many cases, when a challenge is failed, someone must be sacrificed, usually in the order of boyfriend, then girl taking the challenge (or, if the queen takes the challenge and does not have a boyfriend, one of the team is sacrificed). The sacrificed member can be re-acquired at the school, or you can pick someone else to take her place.

Over time, you unlock new places to go (represented by boards) and acquire more items and information that help you get to the dark secrets of the town, some of which really are quite dark.


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