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New Blog Earns Perfect Ten

See? Right here.


Well, I've managed to find myself one of these newfangled 'web logs', or 'blogs' as the kids these days like to call them. I prefer the former term, as I think I do the latter once or twice a day, and it kinda smells.

I s'pose I could talk about something meaningful like the Iraq war or New Orleans being underwater (those poor vampires!) but then I'd be depressed. So, I'll talk about Fight Night 2, then.

In two words, it rocks. It, in one word, rocks. See? The praise just keeps coming. Other than the usual EA quibbles, like yukky licenced music playing soley in the menu screens, and the fact that menus take a few second to load each time, AND the fact that they must use the same crowd models in every sports game since the N64, it's pretty kool. With a K.

Father's Day here tomorrow, too. Got mine 30 minutes in a C152. Gonna tell the pilot to make him spew. That way, we can keep it forever!

To tie together these random thoughts, I don't suppose this entry would be any good without some angst. So, uhm, GT4 has lame force feedback. Except offroad. Colin McRae 04 is much better. I like beef.

Posted on September 3, 2005 at 4:01 am
Teh Ecks Fitty-Two! 10/13/2005

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