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Gorilla Droppings

Today's Vet Visit

Well I decided to review my visit to the vet's office today. My little 14 pound dog, Miller, has had some kind of eye thing for the past couple days. Two days ago he kept winking at us and then started to keep his left eye closed for long periods of time. Last night it started to develop some kind of gooey substance. So we decided a visit to the vet was in order.

I dropped my little guy off in the morning before work and then picked him up in the afternoon. The vet had some pretty cruddy news. The eye problem could be one of three things: A. a simple scratch that will heal up within a week or so, B. a disconnected retina, or C. glaucoma.

The first one is simple enough. Miller and our other dog, Hershey, wrestle quite a bit. It seems pretty logical that one of their scuffles got a little out of hand and scratched Miller's eye. B is a litte odd since it takes a pretty good jolt to dislodge a retina. And C. 99% of the time happens to aging dogs. Miller's only three years old.

Obviously, I'm a little concerned. The vet said that if it's B or C that the best thing to do would involve removing the whole eyeball. Fuck that. My dog's not going to be walking around with an eye patch or looking like a mutilated freak. I'd rather have the eye lose total function and at least leave him a little dignity. Not to mention the fact that there's no way in hell I can afford surgery like that. I love my dog and all, but dropping a few hundred dollars just so he can look like a survivor of the apocolypse is not what I consider being a wise choice, would you?

The downside is that if something else happens to this eyeball thing the vet said he might have to be put down. Like if he got an infection in the eye from rubbing it too much, it could do way more damage. I may sound like a total pansy here, but if anything happened to my Miller, I don't know what I'd do. He's my little buddy.

So I rated today's visit to the vet as a 2. It would have been a 1 had they told me he had to be put down, but that's still some pretty shitty news.

Let's hope next week's check-up yields better results...

Posted on July 9, 2004 at 7:34 pm
Who's number 1?!

Ugh. Welcome to the first gibblet dropping from the gorilla. I just finished up the "iPodalicious" IMG Pro theme which has been super delayed. Note to the aspiring freelancer design folk out there, don't update your system and home network until you have made time between jobs.

Here's the down-lo as the kids say...

ProfessorX was kind enough to hand over a processor (733mhz G4 w/ 1mb L3 cache) and a video card (GeForce3 64meg) which was much better than what I was running before (466mhz G4 512mb L2 cache, and a 32meg OEM Radeon). Anyway, so I threw both of those in there and for some reason on certain apps the video settings were acting goofy. I automatically attribute this to conflicting drivers (not that I had any proof, but what the hey?) and since I'm not keen on hunting down and replacing problems (not that I can't, please understand, but I'm just lazy) plus I'm a huge fan of easy-cleaning, I reformatted the main hard drive and set up the system again. That put me out of commission for a good day last weekend since I had to get things set up. (Trust me, I'd much rather re-set up than fix things properly!)

Then I go out and buy my loving wife a laptop on my recently cleared Best Buy card (credit... gotta love it). And I figured I should get something for myself, something that I've always wanted that will benefit both my wife and the household as a whole by eliminating the huge DSL cord running through the hallways, waiting eagerly to break someone's neck. Thus, I pick up a wireless router along with the HP Pavilion. Believe me, I did my homework on wireless routers, and while I do love having the simple-yet-wonderous technology of Apple whenever I can, the damn Airport basestation for $200 was out of the question (plus the Appleless Best Buy thing again). So I got a D-Link 802.11G wireless router which has worked wonderfully with my computers. The Pavillion has a built-in wireless adapter as does my PowerBook. The G4 PowerMac however, lacks an airport card. Those aren't exactly cheap either, so I opted for the USB wireless adapter. The box said it was compatable with OSX and for 35 bucks, as long as it worked, I would be happy.

BUT IT DIDN'T! Never get a USB wireless adapter for an airport card replacement. The drivers were only compatable with 10.2x and on Jaguar the connection constantly dropped. I wound up returning that little piece of dung and am now 23 days back-ordered for an airport card through Best Buy's web site (apparently they're not into offering Apple products at their stores, just online. Plus, 23 days seems a tad excessive especially when I can get one from Apple tomorrow).

Anyway, to get to the point, all this wound up putting my G4 tower out of commission for a while and since my PowerBook isn't nearly as powerful (and since I lack the appropriate software on the PC), the iPod IMG theme was delayed for quite a while. You may be wondering how my tower has internet now. Well, by attaching a Firewire cable from my PowerBook to my tower, I was able to turn on internet sharing. Kind of a jury-rigged system, but it'll do for now.

But now the theme is in Tuncer's hands for approval, so I'm awaiting the verdict. I hope it gets a nice welcoming... it has so far. :)

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for letting me bore you!

Posted on May 31, 2004 at 6:36 pm
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