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WoW woes

I browse the WoW tech support forums and I see people complaining about how Mac WoW performance isn't "on par" with the Windows version and how they threaten to go buy a PC if it isn't "fixed" in a month. Ugh... One thing I can't stand is the proliferation of bad information, like all the BS about Mac Half-Life's cancellation. The fact is, very few ports perform on par with the Windows versions for various reasons, some being inefficient code, inability for an OS X app to hog the CPU like in OS 9 or Windows, while others are due to driver performance issues, or even lack of features in Apple's OpenGL implementation. So for Mac WoW to magically perform as good as the Windows version and its Direct3D renderer in a month seems like quite a stretch since there's more than one party that needs to do some work. Yes, performance enhancements can still be made on Blizzards side and they're aware of that. They're working on it. But I can't imagine a patch in a month that would "fix" all the issues. And as is, performance isn't even that bad. You can play WoW at 15 fps and it doesn't have a huge impact on the ability to do anything. I've played the game on a Dual 2.5 G5, a Dual 1.2 G4 (both with the same 9800 Pro), and a PowerBook G4 800 w/ Radeon 7500. I had just as much fun on all of them. But for some, if the framerates drop to 20 fps for just a couple of seconds, the game is no longer fun? We're not taking Quake 3 twitch fests here...

Anyway, the only woes I'm getting from WoW has to do with sleep...

"One... more... quest... Oooooh, I'm almost to the next level. I have two more quests that *should* be easy to do in half an hour..."

Posted on December 30, 2004 at 9:50 am
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